Scholarships = Free MonEY

Scholarships are essentially free money you receive to pay college expenses. It's important to apply to them early, often, and even today! The earlier you start, the more money you can possibly earn!

Scholarships for Underclassmen

Scholarships are not just for Graduating Seniors!

Earn as you go!

Check out these cool scholarship opportunities where you can possibly earn as you plan for college and do things toward your


Utilize the El Cerrito HS Scholarship Database managed by Ms. Rachelle to check out scholarship opportunities for various of student groups/talents/awards. Do note that some opportunities may have past so do read thoroughly.

This is done so underclassmxn can do research and remember to keep them in mind for the future.

ECHS Scholarships Yearlong Database
EBC Scholarship Bulletin 2020-21 - January-March.pdf
Spring 2020 Financial Aid & Scholarship Info/deadlines