DES-INV 23 Creative Programming and Electronics teaches computational skills such as coding and circuitry through creative practices and art making.


Ace Chen

A music video for Kakusei by Superfly, from the soundtrack to Promare.


The video consists of 7 separate experiments/files that you can interact with and "DJ" to match the music. It's very much inspired by the color palette and visual style of Promare - hopefully it invigorates you!

Turn-Based RPG Battle

Noah Chang

For my final project I have created a turn-based RPG battle system with health and power points. My goal is for the user to have as much fun as possible; Video games are an artform in itself and the MOTHER series, my inspiration for this project, is the best example of that; even if it's just one battle that I could program, I want to share that same passion I have for games like these with other people.

Final Project Des Inv 23.mp4

The Music Maker

Brooke Baker

This fun activity allows you to go through the creative process of writing a song, allowing you to plan out your music, play different instruments, then watch a final show.

Bad p5.js

Kai-Yi Yu

There is three steps creating creating this assignment: using GarageBand to recreate Bad Guy by Billie Eilish, creating sound visualization, and creating game. (I am still trying to optimize my games because they are still very buggy. sorry)

Rhythm Typer

Kevin Wang

This game takes inspiration from the game Rhythm Doctor (which is a great game and you should check it out if you like rhythm games) and the many online typing tests out there. As someone who enjoys mechanical keyboards (and therefore typing on them), I wanted to merge the two together and gamify the experience to encourage people to type more and improve. Hopefully the experience and game is entertaining and slightly addicting!


Cameron Leung

This is my peaceful, vivid, therapeutic representation of human life. The small main dot simulates a person growing up, cycling through the colorful stages of birth, youth, adolescence, adulthood, age, and reflection. Though its color temporarily takes on hints and influences of passing dots, it ultimately makes its own path as time passes. The main dot expands and shrinks not only to symbolize humans' literal size changes, but also the size of their consciences, agencies, and impacts on society around them. In the end, the dot may be gone but it's still remembered to a certain extent; then another life begins and the circle of life repeats.

The Sun Wont Rise Without You

Oliver Puffer

A resource management game where the controls are really annoying. They could've been more annoying, but my optical sensor stopped working. Sometimes life feels like it is careening towards apocalypse, now it actually is!



Sebastian Echeverria

It has been some time since I last played Star Fox, so I wanted to make something representative but simple to remind me and others of the game. To control the Arwing, a 5 button keypad is required for the movement, while a potentiometer controls the movement speed. Pressing the 5th button reveals the pilot. The game in style is closer to older arcade games with a fixed length and a score. When the arwing is over one of the red bombs, it may take damage.

Desert Farming

Bin Zhou

Let's talk about desert planting. I'm sure many of you know how difficult it is to grow in the desert. Such as lack of water, hot and dry weather. I created classes to make each role functional. And I use extend to the functionality of the parent class to the subclass (character) and make some relationship. Besides, I also use Arduino sensor to change the text size since sometimes it's hard to see the number whole time. Finally, we can click bottom to show the credits page. Try to get Bulbasaur as much as you can.


Ace Chen

Based on the game Journey (this shot mostly)! Journey is one of the most beautiful and immersive games I've ever played, and I felt like it'd be a great subject for this idea of 'scene.' Had a lot of fun experimenting with noise (which is why it runs quite slowly) and motion!

ALSO: you can click to "chirp!"

snow sunrise

Cameron Leung

experimented with creating a gradient background, contrasting colors, rotating hexagons in the snowflakes, and making arrays of the Snow and Cloud class.

City In Snow

Kai-Yi Yu

In this scene, I included multiple elements: snow, skyline, sea, reflection, and sunrise. I thought that these are the elements which make a beautiful scene, so I decided to add them in my drawing. Also , I tried to use image function to present complicated drawings because I thought that it was difficult to draw them using vertex or shapes.


Kevin Wang

I wanted to take this opportunity to learn how to use the image function and integrate the uploaded images with active elements built in p5js. I used the function for more complex structures like the streetlight and cityscape and used p5js elements such as the flickering light to make the two types of elements blend together better.

Lonely PikaChu

Bin Zhou

I use gloomy environment to reflect the Pikachu's melancholy. And I applied the knowledge of the first class(homework) to the background and improved the randomness and quality. By changing the transparency, I express the mountain became sometimes invisible and sometimes visible. I chose the background music called "wish upon a star" to describe Pikachu are disappointment and loneliness because his friends left him.

Moon Star

Bin Zhou

This is a drawing board with a moon as the background, we can use the mouse to draw stars together on it, by adjusting the potentiometer can change the speed of the moon, by pressing the button can change the color of the stars. The brightness of the moon can be changed by the light level.