Project 2 - Expressive Machine

Due (May 4 critique + May 5 showcase)


    1. The Final assignment consists of 2 parts - 1. In class critique on 5/4 and 2. Jacobs Design Showcase on 5/5.

    2. Design a show that's 2-3 min long

    3. The format of the show can be a demo, a performance with robotic instrument, a VJ, a combination of all or anything you invented.

    4. Try to incorporate everything you have learned about P5.js and Arduino to drive the content of the show.

    5. Credit the artist of the music in your video, also credit yourselves.

    6. Project could be done by a team of at most 2 people.


Your project will be graded with the following rubric:

    1. 10%: Project meets technical requirements (correct file format, naming convention, etc)

    2. 30%: Project shows creativity, attention to visual quality (composition, color, etc)

    3. 30%: Project shows clear use of technical material covered in class

    4. 30%: Project shows investigation and exploration of assignment topic

Expressive Machine.mp4

Name: Vinson Wong

Title: dying of the light

Description: p5.js show and physical piece inspired by Interstellars, dyling of the light scene.

Code Link:

p5.js (


Name: Riya Kumar and Edith Llontop

Title: The Musical Garden

Description: Harness the power of controlling to magical flower Instruments hands free!

Code Link:



Song credit: Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations

Name: Claire Liu / Jason Zang

Title: Rick Roll

Description: A pixel adventure game with Rick

Code Link:

Link to play:

Name: Esther Shin

Title: Spring22

Description: This kinetic garden is full of different flowers – one introverted, one extroverted, and one indifferent. Despite their differences, they can come together to dance.

Code Link:


Name: Stefan Prestrelski & Chenghao Meng

Title: The Curtain

Description: A set of motors that can perform a wave with the curtain.

Code Link:

Name: Jin Kim

Title: Merry go round

Description: Inspired by the piece Merry go round by Hisaishi Joe, my project illlustrates the sentimental parts of the song through both the machine and sketch.

Code Link:

Name: Colin Wills

Title: Flight of the Bumblebee

Description: A bee flies randombly in front of a nature background that changes according to the music.

Code Link:

Name: Khizar Baig Mohammed and Yuvaraj Tankala

Title: Smart Home

Description: It is a smart home system that gives real-time information and detetcts intrusion along with alarm and mobile notification. This also has a party mode with songs and mechanical machines.

Code Link:

Name: Jonathan Yun

Title: Reverse Record Player

Description: I took the idea of a record player, where a machine reads from a spinning disk and outputs sound and reversed it, where it takes sound as input and writes to a spinning disk

Code Link:


Name: Aayush Sutaria and Sriram Sridhar

Title: HayWIRE Robot

Description: It's a robot gone wrong :(

Code Link: p5:


Name: Chenyi Li

Title: Music Garden


Music lives in everything. It is an universal language to communicate with everything, including my favorite plants!

Code Link:

Name: Shanmukh

Title: Greenhouse2.0

Description: Greenhouse2.0 sends real time alerts to your phone when the soil moisture is too high or if it's raining/ plant is watered too much in the greenhouse. This alert is generated real time using Fast2SMS api.

This alerts can also be added to temparatures, humidity, CO2 detection and many other. It all just depends on the values.

Code Link:

Name: Alysa Liu

Title: Digital Rain

Description: Connecting the physical sensations of rain with a digital illustration.

Arduino Code:

p5.js Code:

Name: Sam Truax

Title: Breezy

Description: A windmill turns while a randomly generated melody plays in the background. Percussion is provided by the water bottle and solenoid and visuals appear on the laptop screen.

Code Link:

Name: Carolyn Yau

Title: Dirt Spins the Wheel

Description: The wheel should spin faster as the sensor detects more moisture in the soil samples.

Code Link:

Name: Sharon Zhong

Title: DrivetimeRadio

Description: Audio Based Landscape Generation

Code Link:

Name: Kathlee Wong

Title: Lofi Cat

Description: Concept inspired by the popular Lofi Girl but with a cat instead.

Code Link:


Name: Mirin Scassellati

Title: The Demon's Lockbox

Description: A locked box with four puzzle pieces that only opens when the pieces are placed in the correct orientations and rotated. There is also a code portion where the demon in the box gives the riddle clues for the box positions.

Code Link:

(The arduino code is pasted at the bottom of the p5 link!)

Name: Sana Khan

Title: Sound Sensors

Description: After getting more comfortable with Arduino, I began to surf the adafruit website and I saw something called a circuit playground express. I was able to program this device using Arduino and upload sounds with Python. I liked how we incorporated music in this class and this time I wanted to make my own so I recorded instruments on Garageband. I used alligator clips to connect the sensors to large pieces of foil so that when someone touched a piece of a foil, a sound would ring and one of the lights would flash with a certain color.

Code Link:

Name: Joshua Baum

Title: Generalize Song Visualizer

Description: A song visualizer. You can upload your own song and then click through different screen which visualize the song in various ways based on amplitude and FFT analysis.

Code Link:

Name: Shrey Aeron and Mingyang Wang

Title: Duck Invasion

Description: A music making powered by balloons and a comfy duck light

Code Link:


Name: Lucas Kim

Title: The Sad Stick

Description: An assembly of fabrics and sticks that rotate based on amplitude levels of a song, trying to bring the stick to life showing struggle

Code Link:

(includes Arduino, and p5.js file)