GIS for Botanists

September  29-30, 2018 Hastings Reserve

GIS for Botanists - Jepson Herbarium Workshops

Coordinator: Allyson Ayalon

Michelle Koo, Heather Constable

Hastings Reserve, Carmel Valley, California

This course will get you started in GIS software and cover fundamentals in geography, mapping, land cover, and other spatial data. Working in a modern internet-accessible lab as well as in the field, we will learn how to use GIS (or geographic information system desktop application), where to get freely available data, and how to make maps. This workshop will focus on the spatial technology necessary to answer questions about biodiversity, conservation, ecology and related fields. The goal of this workshop is to provide context on how GIS programs can be used to maximize projects for plant scientists and consultants working with field or historic data. Participants will learn how to make field maps and, depending on group familiarity with GIS, analyze data within the program. We will use Quantum GIS, a free, open-source GIS program that is Mac or PC compatible.

Lodging: Shared dormitories (included in course fee) 

Provisions: None; shared kitchen available for food storage and prep

Requirements: Laptop with internet access and pre-installed Quantum GIS which is available for WIN, MAC and Linux OS. Make sure you have administrative privileges on your computer. Smartphone and GPS are optional, useful tools as well.

Start Time: Friday evening