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Mrs Millward and Mrs Howes

Miss Lucas and Mrs Qoku



AUTUMN TERM - We explored all four operations, and how to solve reasoning and arithmetic in various ways - especially using RAPACODANUMBO. We began using rounding to estimate, and improved using inverse to check our answers. We also started to analyse our science data and create, understand and interpret different graphs.

SPRING TERM ONE- We will start exploring the different properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We will explain the difference between regular and irregular shapes, and explore different angles. We will also learn about lines of symmetry, different types of triangles and quadrilaterals.


4L's Guided Reading book is 'Ice Palace'. Our class reading book is The Outlaw Varjak Paw by S.F Said.

AUTUMN TERM: We wrote diary entries using 'The First Drawing'. Created detailed non-chronological reports about the Stone Age ( which we made into fabulous news documentaries!), used The Croods to write a narrative and wrote a newspaper report about the discovery of Skara Brae.

In SPAG we will continue to explore all of the grammatical parts of a sentence, and improve our use of fronted adverbials, relative clauses adjectives and adverbs in our writing.

SPRING TERM: We will improve our descriptive writing using the wonderful book 'The Ice Palace'.


This term we are all learning about ICEWORLDS!

We will use atlases to find the polar regions and label them on a map, with the continents and major oceans.

We will research about plants and animals in polar regions, and how they have adapted to survive. Especially the polar bear and penguin.

We will use the interesting book ' Shackleton's Journey' to help us investigate about various polar explorers.

We will use our science skills to learn about how we could survive living in the North Pole.

Below are a few of the examples of our amazing topic writing so far:

Science- biology.

This term , as part of our Animals including humans topic, we are investigating teeth and the digestive system - it might get messy!

Our topic last term was 'Living Things and Their Habitats'. We have explored classification, and investigated how we group animals and create keys.

We have also taken a local habitat walk, and established what the problems are for habitats. Sadly, most of the problems caused are by humans littering - so year 4 are now planning an action plan to reduce littering ( especially plastic waste) around our school.

We have also built 'bug hotels' for insects, and will soon create bird and hedgehog hotels.

We will also explore why some animals are becoming endangered, and investigate what happened to the Dodo and Wooly Mammoth.


We have created some stone art collages, and explored in the wooded area for items we could use as paint brushes, to create stone age paintings. We have layered our paintings and collages to create Stonehenge pictures, which the children used to make a 2019 calendar - we hope you liked them!

In Spring we will use watercolours to create ice world pictures. We will also create 3D ice worlds and fiction pop up books


Mr Webb is teaching multiskills on a MONDAY afternoon.

Miss Lucas teaches gymnastics on a THURSDAY morning.


It always so hard to choose, as all children have returned after the holidays with such lovely attitudes to learning.

Those that shone this half term were:

  • 4LL
  • - A girl who produced an amazing summer holiday project, and who helps everybody in class. She is almost Miss Lucas' personal assistant! She is so polite, caring and kind and an ambassador for year 4 and King Charles. She loves reading and has recommended some great books to her peers.Last week she found some maths tricky, but persevered and now helps others. Well done.
  • A girl who is always smiling and radiates positivity - she is an ambassador for perseverance and resilience in year 4. She never gives up and her determined attitude has helped her write some amazing work in all of her books. She has moved up tables in literacy and numeracy already. Every week her homework is amazing, and she gives herself work on things she needs to practice - brilliant!
  • A girl who is an amazing, polite, well mannered, hard-working all rounder in all subjects, and was nominated to represent her class in the A stars. She also represents the school in football - and is a brilliant goalie for us - thank you. Her award is for so many things, it is lovely to watch her blossom as her confidence grows, but mainly her award is for her inspiring music lesson singing and performing ' Mamma Mia' - a star is in the making! Well done.
  • A boy who has made an amazing start to year 4 , and keeps making his Mom proud. He has already moved up a table colour in literacy, as his sentence structure and vocabulary is wonderful. He is always happy and positive and his love for reading Miss Lucas' science magazines is infectious! Well done.
  • A boy who has came back to year 4 with an amazing work ethic and learning attitude - all staff are so proud of him. His weekly homework and Stone Age project has been amazing. He now supports his peers and has made wonderful progress so far, and will continue to do so. Amazing start to year four.
  • A boy who is so clever, and so humble about it! He is extremely well mannered, polite and is an ambassador for year 4. He has already made amazing progress in maths and english, and is now kindly supporting his peers in class - he would make a great teacher! He is brilliant in P.E, but his award is mainly for his music - he has a beautiful voice which has grown stronger each week. With his amazing writing and singing I see a future singer songwriter - maybe the next Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran. Well done.
  • A girl who has really come out of her shell and is really improving with working more independently - which she really had to work at when her best friend was absent! She is already amazing as she speaks two languages, and is now really understanding how to improve her writing. She is always really happy, and brightens up the classroom - she is also teaching Miss Lucas Polish! Mrs Howes was also really impressed with her maths work this week, and how she helped others. Well done.
  • A boy who is always happy and a delight to teach. He works his hardest in every lesson , always helps others and now he has moved into a new maths group - amazing! His award is mainly for his fabulous basketball skills - each week he got better and better and Mr Angel stated that when we have a tournament he will be representing our school. Well done.
  • A boy who is improving with 'managing his distractions', and through this produced an amazing video blog about a Stone Age discovery in our school field! He could then transfer his vocabulary into his writing to produce a wonderful non-chronological report about The Stone Age. He is also talented in P.E, and was amazing in basketball - and helped others to improve each week. Well done.
  • A girl who is an ambassador for year 4, and is a credit to her family and our school. Her beautiful writing is used as a WAGOLL in all of our literacy books, and she puts 110% in every lesson that she is in. She has a very kind and mature attitude in group work and has the responsibility of helping Mrs Millward with year 3/4 certficates. She also produced an amazing video blog about our Stone Age discovery, and used her vocabulary to write a wonderful Stone Age report. Well done.



We have finished exploring the Hindu faith. We have investigated Hindu artefacts, and made links with religious symbols and our personal way of life. We have been understand why and how Diwali is celebrated, and we have also explored other cultures which celebrate using 'festivals of light'.

In December we explored the long, dangerous journey that Mary and Joseph made to Bethlehem.

SPRING TERM - we will be learning about the Five Pillars of Islam.