Welcome to year 4

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Mrs Millward and Mrs Howes

Miss Lucas and Mrs Qoku



We will begin by assessing the children in arithmetic and multiplication, to determine what support each child needs.

Our focus this term will be UNDERSTANDING PLACE VALUE. Children will become fluent in the order and place value of numbers beyond 1000, and count in multiples of 10, 100 and 1000 from any given number.

In October, we will move to solving addition and subtraction problems in different contexts, and use inverse to check our answers.

We will also explore 'RAPACODANUMBO' to help us solve arithmetic problems in different ways.


4L's Guided Reading book is 'Stone Age Boy'. Our class reading book is Varjak Paw by S.F Said.

In literacy year 4 will be reading and exploring 'Cave Baby' and 'The First Drawing', to write descriptive stories from the Stone Age.

Our SPAG is to explore all of the grammatical parts of a sentence, and improve our use of conjunctions, adjectives and adverbs in descriptive writing. Children will also begin to use punctuation in inverted commas, ( for speech ).

We will also start our new handwriting programme called 'Letter Join'.


This term we are all learning about THE STONE AGE!

Science- biology.

Our topic is 'Living Things and Their Habitats'. We will explore classification, and investigate why we have different types of plants and animals.

We will also explore why some animals are becoming endangered, and investigate what happened to the Dodo and Wooly Mammoth.


We will be making stone art collages, and exploring in the wooded area for items we can use as paint brushes, to create stone age paintings.

We will also create Rangoli and Diwali pictures and patterns for our R.E topic.


We will be exploring the Hindu faith.