Welcome to Year 1

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1H Mrs Haughton & Mrs Makin.

1F Miss Ferguson, Miss Perry & Mrs Wright.

Autumn term 2018


In Year 1 we will be exploring numbers to 20. The children will be reading and writing numbers using digits and words. We will develop our understanding of number by adding, subtracting and finding numbers in number lines and 100 squares. The children will learn about weight, capacity and shape through our pirate topic.

We are planning a special party for Pirate Jack and we will be using real life maths whilst making cakes. preparing decorations and drinks.


This term we will be writing about pirates, describing characters and telling stories. The children will be labelling, applying their RWI sounds and writing more detailed and extended sentences. The children will be using word mats to help them spell and learning to read and spell lots of new words linked to their targets and topic.

Topic - Pirates.

The children will be learning about pirates and how they used to travel and dress. They will explore through dressing up and role play as well as looking at books and pictures.

Speaking and listening skills are essential when exploring new topics and the children will be working with their talk partners. They will be using sentence stems and using full sentences when talking and sharing.

Science - Our amazing body.

Our topic is 'Our bodies' and we will be labelling all the different body parts and talking about how they all work.

We will explore our 5 senses and use practical tasks to investigate our sense of smell, touch and taste.


The children will be using a variety of tools and techniques to create paintings, pictures and models. We will be developing our scissor skills and making pirate inspired pictures which also explore the children's senses. The children will be using junk materials to make treasure boxes.

Please could the children bring in a small CARDBOARD egg box.


Our first topic focuses on celebrations and special times within our lives. We will explore special celebrations within different religions and learn about how we celebrate important events.


We are learning to develop our balance, coordination and hand-eye coordination. The children will be using bean bags, cones, balance balls and balloons. We will also explore various relaxing and meditation techniques when it's time for our cool down.