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1H Mrs Haughton & Mrs Makin.

1F Miss Ferguson, Miss Perry & Mrs Wright.

Autumn Term 2018

Merry Christmas from Year 1.

YEAR 1 Inspire Day.

The Great Fire of London.

Thank you to all the parents who came along to our first inspire day. The children had a great time sharing their Great Fire of London knowledge. We created some fantastic pieces of art and writing.


In Year 1 we will be exploring numbers to 20. The children will be reading and writing numbers using digits and words. We will develop our understanding of number by adding, subtracting and finding numbers in number lines and 100 squares. The children will learn about weight, capacity and shape through our Fire topic.

Adding using a number line.

Moving the barrel up the number line when adding.

Subtracting using interactive games.

Feeding the monster.

Adding and finding totals.

Hands on maths allows the children to learn and have fun at the same time.

The children really enjoyed exploring number bonds to 10 and 20 by making daisies. We had a race in order to see who could find 5 petals the fastest.

29/11/18 Exploring capacity.

We have been looking at capacity.

Nearly full.

Half full.


This term we will be writing about Fireman Sam and The Great Fire of London. The children will be labelling, applying their RWI sounds and writing more detailed and extended sentences.

The children will be writing letters as characters and significant people from the past and they will continue to apply their skills within their topic writing.

Plurals - adding s.

Plurals - adding es and s.

Topic - The Great Fire of London.

The children will be learning about The Great Fire of London. They will be exploring events that have happened before thier life time and we will be discussing key facts, characters and how the people of London might have felt.

Speaking and listening skills are essential when exploring new topics and the children will be working with their talk partners. They will be using sentence stems and using full sentences when talking and sharing.

The Great Fire of London by night. The children have created some amazing pieces of writing which describe Samuel Pepys. They have learnt how they tried to control the spread of the fire and that it happened in 1666.

Home Projects.

Our first family project. Excellent work!!!

Science - Materials.

Our topic is 'Materials' and we will be investigating different materials and how they are used to make our lives easier. The children will be able to select materails for specific jobs.

We will explore and investigate the best materials for waterproofing.


The children will be using a variety of tools and techniques to create paintings based on The Great Fire of London at night. They will experiment with different brushes, sponges and they will use their fingers to create blending.

The children will be using junk materials during their inspire day to make London houses from 1666.

Please could the children bring in various card board boxes ready for 22nd November. Thank you.


Our topic continues to focus on celebrations and special times within our lives. We will explore special celebrations within different religions and learn about how we celebrate important events. This term we will spend time exploring Sikhism.


We are learning to develop our balance, coordination and hand-eye coordination. The children will be using bean bags, cones, balance balls and balloons. There will be a stronger focus on 'Hand-eye coordination' and we will encourage the children to throw and catch consistently. We will also explore various relaxing and meditation techniques when it's time for our cool down.

Our Classrooms.

Come and have a look at what is happening in 1H and 1F.

We aim high!

1H - This is out target wall. Every time we come across a new Year 1 target in maths and literacy we add it to the wall. We know what we are aiming to improve in year 1.

The children even spot literacy targets when they are doing numeracy. They find links everywhere.


Mastery challenges in Year 1.


Mastery challenges in Year 1

Getting physical with punctuation.

The children became the ? and . and worked as a team to choose the correct punctuation mark for the sentence.