Set Course Availability for Users

Overview: When a course is first created in Blackboard it is “not available”, meaning it cannot be seen or accessed by students. Faculty must make each course available before the start of the course term.

When a course is unavailable, students cannot access the course or any of its content, including the syllabus. The course does not even appear in enrolled students’ course listings in Blackboard until you make it available. You can verify if a course is unavailable in your course listings.

Action: Before the start of each course term, plan to make the course available to students as soon as you’ve posted the syllabus to the Blackboard site. You can still keep other sections hidden while you are working on them.

1. In the Control Panel, under Customization, select Properties:

2. Under Set Availability (section 3), click Yes to make the course available to users:

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3. Quickly verify that the course is available by checking your course listings under the Global Navigation Menu (in the upper right corner of the page):

The words “not currently available” should no longer appear next to the course name.

Next Steps: To make your course unavailable to students at the end of each term, follow the same steps and change the availability setting to No.