Frequently Asked Questions

Is Instructional Swim offered? Yes, we are pleased to offer instructional swim for Pre-K (new in 2019!), Kindergarten and Ma’alot (grades 1- 4) campers three times a week at a local swim club. Instructional swim is included in tuition price for the summer. If parents want their children to have this experience, all they need to do is sign a waiver that will be sent out before the start of camp.

What kinds of trips are offered? Our older Ma’alot campers have fun trips weekly. Last summer some of the Ma’alot trips included: Urban Air, Bowler City, the Ice House and several more. Our Kindergarten age campers have two trips during the summer and in past years, they visited the Turtle Back Zoo and Bowcraft, along with the Ma’alot campers.

What specials are offered? Our campers experience a wide variety of different specials on a regular basis during the summer, including sports, music, science, and more. These are in addition to the chugim that are offered as well, which are described below.

What specialty tracks will be offered for Ma’alot? The specialty tracks will let Ma’alot campers dive into fun, engaging and educational activities. Campers will have the opportunity to sign up for electives every two weeks. Electives will take place for two hours, twice a week. Electives can include, dance, drama, music, sports, etc.

Will hot lunch be available? Hot lunch is always available for registered campers.

What does a daily schedule look like? The camp day begins at 9am and ends at approximately 3:45. Each activity lasts around 35 minutes. Daily schedule usually looks something like this:

Boker Tov & T’fillah


Water Play





Field Play

Pack Up & Snack

The camp day ends at around 3:45, when all campers come up front for dismissal.

Are outside services able to be brought into camp? Of course. Any outside services can and should be coordinated with the head counselor to help fit within the daily camp schedule for the camper in the best way possible.

How are the counselors? Are they trained? In order to qualify as Camp Kef and Camp Ma’alot counselors, the staff applicant must have prior experience working with children. Bunk head counselors are usually experienced teachers who are required to be certified in CPR and First Aid. Our youngest staff are 14 years old; these staff members are utilized as junior counselors who help the head counselor make sure everything is running smoothly throughout the day. Prior to camp, we conduct an extensive staff orientation program with a number of sessions, during which all camp policies and procedures are covered and Project Sarah comes in to train counselors on the signs of abuse and neglect. During the summer, we have weekly staff meetings and supervision as well, as we understand the value of working closely with staff to ensuring that our campers have a safe and thoroughly enjoyable summer.

Do you have a nurse on campus? Yes, we have a certified nurse that is present on campus during camp hours.

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