What We Do


The Student Educational Policies Committee (SEPC) represents the student body on matters of academic policy, working to communicate and collaborate with students, faculty, and administration on academic matters at the classroom, discipline and institutional levels.

The Student Educational Policies Committee (SEPC) consists of a group of elected students who represent the student body on issues affecting academic life at Bennington. In addition to the president and vice-president of the committee, two representatives per discipline serve as liaisons between students, faculty, and the administration. They know the ins and outs of each discipline and are available resources for other students, faculty, and staff regarding each area of study. SEPC coordinates mid-term and end-of-term course evaluations that provide a forum for students to supply course feedback to the college. In addition to evaluating individual courses and teachers, SEPC also considers larger questions of academic policy and articulates concerns and interests of the student community.


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