Videos by Bill
(all shot & edited + most directed / voiced by bill)

The Heinz Endowments

Picturing the City: Downtown Pittsburgh, 2007–2010, Photographer Interviews

PSSA + Visit erie

Pennsylvania State Snowmobile Association and Visit Erie - Snowmobiling Tourism Video

Lightwave International

Phenom Moving Head Laser Lighting Instrument

PEAC Maryland

Addiction SOS

Experiences & Resources


Carnegie Mellon University

About the Engineering, Science, Technology and Policy Masters Program

Pittsburgh's Washington's Landing

Pop City Media

Pittsburgh's Big Dog Coffee

Pop City Media

<< Bill's 360° video test reel, shot internationally with motorbikes and snowmobiles and such...

NOTE: This video here is for goggles / cardboard.

See this version for the flat, fixed viewport version for 2D display


Virtual Radio Mixer - Product Walk-Thru by Bill

Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

The Google Liquid Galaxy Exhibit

Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

Engineers on a Roll

Lawo / VSM

Panel Building Tutorial #10

360 volumemetric DEMO REEL

Video Demo Reel - v1 - Fixed Viewport

SAE CSC @ MTU - 19.4

2019 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge - Day 4 - Thursday

mogul mind studios

Keystone Edge: Impact of the PA Film Industry Tax Credit

SAE CSC @ MTU - 19.5

2019 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge - Day 5 - Friday

Ann ArboR


Tech Twilight

nab amplify 2021

3x Product Announcement for ENCO
(written, shot, edited and narrated by Bill in his home studio)

SMPTE Pittsburgh kick-off 2021

Bill only built the rundown and moderated / produced this. The Section Chair and both Subject Matter Expert teams brought the REAL content. The goal was a relaxed, "unplugged' analog to a real meeting. I think we came pretty close.