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Everything posted below is OPTIONAL if a student would like to do more. Please remember that Quizlet and Legends of Learning Awakening are always available. (These are posted on the Resources page.)


Here is a text set for each area 5th grade has discussed. Many of these, students have read before, but not all. Students can also read any science article they find interesting. All I am asking is that students READ the article and think about what they read. I am NOT asking anyone to complete quizzes. I will continue to add current articles as I come across them,

Mystery Science

These lessons include videos and activities. Please don't feel like you need to complete every part. Even just watching the videos gives you good information

Life Science Lessons:

Earth and Space Science Lessons:

Physical Science Lessons

Various Mini Lessons

How Are Rainbows Made?

How do things glow in the dark?

How deep does the ocean go?

How old is the Earth?

What is a black hole?

How do germs get inside your body?

How does hand sanitizer kill germs?

Magic School Bus

Magic School Bus and Magic School Bus Rides Again are on Netflix and have some fantastic content. Many episodes can also be found on YouTube.

The very first episode of Rides Again does a fantastic job of explaining how ecosystems work.