In the Baha'i Faith, religious history is seen to have unfolded through a series of divine messengers, each of whom established a religion that was suited to the needs of the time and the capacity of the people. These Messengers have included Abraham, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad and others, and most recently the Bab and Baha'u'llah. In Baha'i belief, each consecutive messenger prophesied of messengers to follow, Baha'u'llah's life and teachings fulfilled the end-time promises of previous scriptures. Humanity is understood to be in a process of collective evolution, and the need of the present time is for the gradual establishment of peace, justice and unity on a global scale.

Local Activities Open to Everyone

  • Children's Classes: Classes that provide spiritual and moral education to children from ages 3 to 11.

  • Junior Youth Group: Groups that are open to all youth ages 11 to 15. The groups help junior youth to develop their moral, ethical and spiritual framework in an enjoyable group setting, facilitated by an older youths and/or adults.

  • Study Circles: A gathering for the study of the Bahá’í teachings, with an emphasis on "promoting the well-being of humanity."

  • Devotionals: Meetings dedicated to sharing prayers and readings from sacred scripture.

  • Firesides: An informal meeting between Bahá’ís and anyone who may be interested in learning about the Faith.

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