Welcome to the Benchmark eLibrary!

The Library Staff:

Mrs. Leslie Komarnicki, head librarian

Mrs. Barb Demos, library assistant

Mrs. Maria Michetti, library assistant


The Benchmark library owns over 600 eBooks that are accessible at school and at home. You can see the whole collection at the GoFollett eBook catalog. In most cases, these books can be accessed via computer, tablet, smartphone, or eBook reader. At home, you might be asked for username and password to access the books. The information for usernames and passwords can be found here.

Digital Card Catalog

Benchmark uses the Follett Destiny system to maintain digital records of our book collection. You can access the card catalog here.

Circulation and Overdue Books

Students can have up to 10 books on their cards at a time. They can keep them for up to 2 weeks, and are welcome to renew a book as long as it is not reserved for another student. A notice regarding overdue books is sent home with the student if they cannot locate the book in their desk, cubby, or backpack.


Hey, Magazine Fans!

The Benchmark Library wants you to know that Sports Illustrated for Kids is the latest addition to its line-up of Flipster digital subscriptions. Students can access the digital content from school, home, and on the go! To access the content:

  • Via computer: Visit https://search.ebscohost.com and enter benchmark as both user name and password.
  • Via mobile device: Go to the App Store or Play Store and install "Flipster Digital Magazines." From the 'Get Started' menu, select Benchmark School from the local list, and then enter benchmark as both user name and password.

Either way you access the digital content, students will have a broad choice of intriguing and informative articles from ASK, Cobblestone, DIG, Ranger Rick, Ranger Rick Jr., and the latest, SI for Kids.

World Book Online

Remember when every home and classroom had a set of A-Z World Book Encyclopedias? No need to occupy space your bookshelf anymore! The World Book Online website, which can be accessed from anywhere, holds multiple versions of the encyclopedia as well as many other resources.

To access its full array of resources at school, just go to the following customized URL: World Book Online. You will see “Welcome, Benchmark Community” and colored tiles for all of their offerings.

Outside of the building, these resources can be accessed with the following log-in information:

User name: benchmark Password: cougar


A filtered search engine

Choosito, which was developed at UPenn and is funded by the National Science Foundation, is a highly acclaimed filtered search engine as well as a library of teacher-vetted resources. It can be accessed from school or home by going to the following URL:


At the top right, teachers click on “sign in.” and students click on “student log in.” Both teacher and student user names are the beginning of their Benchmark email addresses. Teacher user names are simply first name last name with no space in between, i.e., lesliekomarnicki or joyceostertag. Student user names are last name first initial with no space in between, i.e., payneg or scirrotton. The only exceptions are where students have the same first initial as well as the same last name. In these cases, the user name is last name first name, i.e., shieldscameron and shieldscasey. Password for both teachers and students is benchmark.

The Choosito organization has also posted a Youtube video that gives a helpful overview and walk-through.

I don't know how many of you are taking advantage of EPIC Books' free eBook access for teachers, but I for one am very impressed with it. I have read several randomly picked eBooks from their website and loved the whole experience. The pages turn smoothly, audio (when present) is professional, and the selection is vast. You can set up accounts for each student and keep track of what they read. You can also project books on the SmartBoard for instruction. (I read a couple of country books that seemed perfect for Julie's fifth-grade class, for example.) Here’s the URL:


The whole idea behind free access for teachers is that EPIC hopes it will lead you to let parents know that they can buy a subscription for home or mobile use. It’s so reasonable that you won’t feel the least bit guilty about doing so. I bought one for my Minnesota grandchildren, and it’s only $7.99 a month.

Epic books is epic!

Professional Journals

We have full-access digital subscriptions to three professional journals published by the International Literacy Association:

Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy

Reading Research Quarterly

Reading Teacher

To access them, go to the following URL:


You will see a log-in at the top. Ignore that, because we access the journals by IP range. Simply go to "Search," select "Publication titles" from the drop-down menu, and enter one of the journal titles listed above. The next page will say "Publication Title Search Results." Click on the journal title, and you will be taken to where you can search the archives. Please note that this access is only here at Benchmark.

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