Birth Doula Services

I offer my Birth Doula services for the women and families delivering throughout Hampton Roads & the Peninsula, Isle of Wight County, Surry, and Suffolk, Virginia.

Why Hire A Doula?

Whether you are expecting your first child or you are adding another new member to your growing family, mothers can expect better birthing outcomes when they hire the services of a birth doula. Studies have shown that having a doula present during a mother's labor and delivery process can help:

  • Lower the risk for an unplanned cesarean section
  • Lower the need for Pitocin augmentation for a stalled or slow labor
  • Lower the need for medically assisted deliveries with the use of forceps or vacuum
  • Increase the overall satisfaction in birth experience - regardless of method of delivery
  • Increase the likelihood of initiation and continuation of breastfeeding

For a detailed look into the role of a birth doula, follow the link to DONA International's Position Paper: The Birth Doula's Role In Maternity Care.

Headshot of Meagan Flaherty
Meagan Flaherty, CD(DONA), MCPCD, MCE

Why Hire Me?


I believe I can best support my client's needs through a relationship of trust and respect. I meet with my clients a minimum of two times before delivery, ensuring that I am truly familiar with you and your unique needs and desires for birth. I also am available through remote support via text and e-mail throughout your pregnancy and immediate postpartum period - not just within your on-call window.


I am passionate about learning and staying up to date with the current, evidence-based information regarding labor and delivery options. I am a certified DONA International Birth Doula as well as holding certifications as a Birth, Postpartum, and Professional Doula and as a Childbirth Educator through the Madriella Doula Network. As I am always looking to further my education I have also completed a Spinning Babies workshop, and am currently working towards certifications as a placenta specialist and breastfeeding educator through the Madriella Doula Network.


I have supported a wide-range of clients with unique birthing histories, health concerns, wishes, and labor experiences. Additionally I have had three of my own births, all of which posed unique challenges and interventions allowing me to provide insight and true empathy to my clients. I have experience supporting:

  • High-risk pregnancies
  • Multiples
  • Planned Cesarean Birth
  • Advanced Maternal Age pregnancies
  • IVF/Infertility
  • Previous birth trauma
  • LGBTQ families
  • Active duty service members/families
  • Pregnancy after previous miscarriage/loss
  • Miscarriage support
DONA International Certified Birth Doula Badge

Meet & Greet

I want my clients to have the best possible birth experience. One of the steps I take to ensure that is to do a Meet & Greet appointment with all potential clients. Meet & Greet's take roughly forty minutes, are free, and allows us all to get to know one another before entering into a contract together. During this time we can discuss any questions you have about my services, take a more in depth look at the type of support I will provide before, during and immediately after the birth of your child and talk about what your ideal birth experience is and how I can best support you in attaining that vision. Because your partner is likely to be an integral part of your birth it is ideal if we can schedule a time when they can join us for this initial appointment.

Schedule Your FREE Meet & Greet Appointment Today!

Interested in scheduling your Meet & Greet appointment with me? Click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser to request a date and time to meet. I look forward to meeting with you!

**Please note that this is a request for an appointment. I will be in contact with you shortly after you submit your request to confirm our scheduled time together.**

Overview of Services

  • 2 - 3 prenatal visits where we will discuss how your pregnancy is going, any concerns or questions you have and practice the comfort measures and coping techniques we will likely use during your labor.
  • Continuous physical comfort and emotional support from the moment I arrive at your home or hospital until two hours after delivery. We will discuss and agree upon when and where in your labor process you would like me to arrive during our prenatal visits.
  • 2 postpartum visits lasting roughly thirty minutes each where we will go over your delivery and discuss any questions or concerns you may have had about the birth and/or postpartum and newborn care

In addition to the services listed above, I will also check in regularly with you throughout your pregnancy via phone, text and/or e-mail. I will be available to you by phone for up to six weeks postpartum to answer any questions you may have about the birth of your baby.

Payments & Fees

I offer my birth doula services at $800.

Half of this fee will be due at the time your contract is signed and the remaining balance is due by the 36th week of your pregnancy.

"Bundle Of Joy" Birth Packages

Get the best of both worlds and bundle your birth and postpartum services! Each bundle includes my full birth doula services along with postpartum care.

Bundle 1: $1350 includes birth and 9 hours of postpartum services.

Bundle 2: $1600 includes birth and 15 hours of postpartum services.

Bundle 3: $2150 includes birth and 30 hours of postpartum services.

Bundle 4: $2800 includes birth and 45 hours of postpartum services.

As a military spouse,I am honored to provide a 10% discount on my birth doula services to military families in the area.


Please feel free to contact me: