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I provide birth doula services across the Hampton Roads area of Southeastern Virginia, the Peninsula, Isle of Wight County, including the cities of Williamsburg, Suffolk, Surry, and Hopewell.

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What is a Doula?

Doula is an ancient Greek word that roughly translates to "a woman who serves." In modern times, the term doula has become the title of an individual who has training and experience as a labor companion. A doula is someone who supports a mother and her partner before, during and just after childbirth by providing them with continuous emotional support, physical comfort measures and assistance in obtaining up to date and evidence-based information regarding pregnancy, labor and the postpartum periods.

A Birth Doula is a doula with specific training and focus on labor and delivery. Birth doulas support a mother prior to labor by discussing the mother's (and partner's) ideal birth, help find research and information that supports the mother and her choices, explain the labor and delivery process, educate the mother about comfort measures and coping techniques and help answer any questions she may have prior to delivery. During labor, the doula joins the mother at her home or the hospital and stays with her throughout her labor, delivery and generally stays for a few hours postpartum as well. The doula supports the mother's choices throughout the labor process by providing emotional support and physical comfort measures (like hip compressions and gentle touch) and providing reassurance throughout the labor and delivery process. After delivery, the doula generally stays to help the mother with the baby's first feeding and to ensure the new family has extra support while also allowing them to bond.

A Postpartum Doula is a doula with specific training and skills to help the mother and her family after delivery. Postpartum doulas provide much needed support to new mother's in those first few days and weeks in many different ways. The doula's services are oftentimes based upon the mother's postpartum needs; the doula may come and help with light housework so the mother and baby can bond or sleep or she may provide emotional support and education with breastfeeding. The doula is mindful of the mother's emotional state and provides an empathetic, supportive place for the mother to talk about any concerns she had with the delivery or problems adjusting to her knew role as a parent. Additionally, the doula can provide the mother and her partner with local area resources, such as a Lactation Consultant, as well as help find information if there are any questions or concerns that may arise during the postpartum period. Generally a postpartum doula offers their services at an hourly rate, though some offer package deals or have minimum number of required hours to book services through them.


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