Welcome Parents!

We hope you will take advantage of the resources and information provided here. The school receptionist and parents' association leadership are excellent resources if you have questions that are not answered or need further information.

Access the School Directory

Belmont Day has implemented a new app, DirectorySpot, for the school directory. You will now be able to access the directory right from your smartphone and it will always be updated with the latest information. The app is very secure and only parents and staff of Belmont Day will be granted access. Each user will log on with their authorized email address and will set a password.

Use the desktop version of DirectorySpot to:

  • view, download, and print the directory
  • view, download, and print class lists
  • search by student first name

Parents' Association

The parents’ association consists of all current parents, step-parents, and legal guardians of students in the school. The PA provides and supports a community for parents, promotes communication between parents and the school, and supports the school through dues and fundraising to provide educational and social activities. PA activities are an excellent way to meet other parents, to learn about the school, and to have fun while participating in events that support the school. Monthly PA meetings are always open to all parents.

CORI/SORI Process for Volunteers

From its founding in 1927, Belmont Day School has been enriched by the strong involvement of parents in the community life of the school. To this day, we value and appreciate the many hours of service given by parents to further the educational experience of our students. We thank all of our parent volunteers and wish to encourage that practice in the years to come.

Since 2007, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has required schools to conduct background checks on all employees, volunteers, and independent contractors who may have direct and unmonitored contact with children, including any individuals who regularly provide school-related transportation to children. Today the process is known as a CORI check, or Criminal Offender Record Information check, utilizing a database maintained by the Commonwealth. Additionally, Belmont Day School also conducts a check of the Sex Offender Registry (SORI) Information system. The checks were mandated for the protection of all members of the school community. You can view the school's CORI Policy here.

We are asking all adults in the community who are currently, or who may be in the future, volunteering for parents' association activities, supporting community service efforts, or helping in classrooms to complete a CORI Acknowledgement Form. Having this information on file in advance will streamline the process of volunteering when opportunities arise.

To complete the process:

Bring the CORI Acknowledgement Form to school along with your government-issued ID. Designated faculty members will help you complete the process by verifying your ID and the information on the form.

Opportunities to submit the form are as follows:

  • PA Meetings - Designated faculty will be present at select meetings of the parents’ association to receive CORI forms.
  • 7:30 to 8:15 a.m. – Stop by Early Birds when dropping off your child. Most days either Deborah Brissenden, assistant head of school or Fred Colson, director of finance are on duty. Both Deborah and Fred can help you with the process.
  • 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. – Stop by the business office where Sarah Barrow, Dale McGhee, or Fred Colson are available to receive your form and check your ID.
  • 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. – Stop by the front desk where Blair Fross or Joe Jean-Mary should be available to receive your form.

These drop-off points will be available to you most days. However, on rare occasions, you might find that a designated faculty member is not available. We do apologize in advance should that happen.

If you have any questions about the CORI process, please contact Bea Rooney, director of summer programs or Fred Colson, director of finance.

Grade Parent and Activity Chair Forms

Statement of Donation of Goods.pdf
Statement of Donation of Goods
Grade Parent Policy and Procedure Handbook
PA Check Reimbursement Request 2018-19 pa-check-request.pdf
Reimbursement Form

The school's tax exemption certificate is available for purchases for the PA.

A copy may be requested at business@belmontday.org or bdspa@belmontday.org.

General School Forms & Information

Dismissal Change Form.pdf
Dismissal Change Form
Technology Responsible Use Policy for Students.pdf
Technology Responsible Use Policy for Students
Birthday Book Form.pdf
Birthday Book Form
Student Walking Form.pdf
Walking Permission Form
Fall Conference Day Program Enrollment Form
BDS COPPA Consent Form.pdf
Privacy and Technology Tools Policy
COPPA Notice: Student Use of Tech Tools
Notice of Student Use of Technology Tools
Student Social Gathering Guidance
Student Social Gathering Guidance


PA Executive Committee 2019-20

President: Crissy Straub

Vice President: Judy Bright

Treasurer: Alex Min

Clerk: Elise Bayard Franklin

CONTACT the executive committee at


Grade Parents


Karla Bays, Deborah Kully


Christina Cosman, Courtney Queen

Grade 1

Keri Baugh, Katherine Sayn-Wittgenstein

Grade 2

Cathy Fullerton, Amy Schneider

Grade 3

Mandie Fox, Vera Garibaldi

Grade 4

Tyl Pattisall, Jen Stine

Grade 5

Margarita Goodpaster, Neelangi Gunasekera

Grade 6

Lauren Kiraly, Cindy Kuechle, Tracy Leng

Grade 7

Connaught Colbert '79, Deborah Kokinos

Grade 8

Jen Abbott, Alexandra Houck, Anya Leonova, Tammy Sisitsky, Larry Wallach

Activity Chairs

Admissions Support

Jeana Colangelo, Patty Miranda Harlow

Baby Welcoming

Jeana Colangelo

Book Fair

Vera Garibaldi, Lia Meisinger, Nareeluck Stephenson

Cradles to Crayons

Pam Cuming, Kristen Lewis, Michele Walters


Dan Cantor, Lia Meisinger

Erskine Library

Vera Garibaldi, Nareeluck Stephenson

Faculty Luncheon

Vera Garibaldi, Antonia von Gottberg

Family Fun Night

Morgen Bergman, Cathy Fullerton

Flower Bulb Fundraiser

Lia Meisinger

Friday Night Lights/Hoops

Jeana Colangelo

Grandparents'/Special Friends' Day

Jeana Colangelo, Kelly McIntosh, Amy Schneider

Lost & Found

Patty Miranda Harlow, Sirri Spiesel

Lunchroom Flowers

Tammy Sisitsky

Mabel’s Labels Fundraiser

Lia Meisinger

PA Hospitality

Jeana Colangelo

PIN Representatives

Carolyn Atinizian, Crissy Straub

Wilson Farm Fundraising

Cathy Fullerton, Sarah Ward, Michelle Walters

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