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Phone: (979) 865-5966 Ext: 2213

Conference/Meetin times: 9:38am - 11:08am

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To get reminder notifications sent through your text messages on upcoming test dates, review games, or assignments you can text:

6th Science: @huddles6 to 81010 6th Advanced Science: @huddle6adv to 81010

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Our Classroom Rules

In This Classroom

You Are Expected To Learn


Speak with respect to the teacher and your peers.

Come to class on time, ready to learn & with all necessary materials.

Interruptions or rudeness are NOT tolerated. Raise your hand to speak.

Exercise safety and caution when conducting experiments.

No running, yelling or throwing objects. No food or drink in the labs.

Check your work carefully and pay attention to the details.

Explore ideas and concepts. Ask questions to find the right answer.

Course Outline:

Daily Work/Homework

In sixth grade, we are building student responsibility. Students are expected to be prepared for class with materials and assignments. Daily work and homework will make up 35% of the student’s final six weeks grade.

Student Labs

In Science, we will incorporate a hands-on lab or exploratory investigation during each unit. The labs will make up 25% of the student’s final six weeks grade.

Major Grades/Tests

Students will be tested over each unit. The tests given will include vocabulary words, the content, and applications of all learned in that unit. Projects will also be included in this category. This category will make up 40% of your student’s final six weeks grade.

Attendance & Make-up Work

Attendance in class is extremely important. It is difficult for a student to fully comprehend material when he or she is absent and is not able to benefit from teacher instruction. If your child has a prolonged absence from school, you may request their work be ready in the front office within a reasonable amount of time.

It is the student’s responsibility, upon returning to school after an absence, to check with each teacher for make-up work and to arrange to take any tests missed due to an absence. We will follow school policy on missing work.

Late Work Policy

The late work policy will be as follows:

  • If the work is turned in one day late, the student can only receive up to 90% of full credit earned.

  • If the work is turned in two days late, the student can only receive up to 80% of full credit earned.

  • If the work is turned in three days late, the student can only receive up to 70% of full credit earned.

  • Late work will not be accepted after three days.


Bellville Junior High School’s mission is for all students to be successful. In order to do so, a policy has been placed for testing and assignment guidelines. A student who makes below a 70% on a test will have two school days to retake the test so the student can have the opportunity to make at least 70%.


We follow the district guidelines for determining a student’s grade.

Grading scale:

100% - 90% = A

89% - 80% = B

79% - 70% = C

69% - 60% = D

59% - 0% = F

Thank you and I look forward to a great year. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Ms. Huddleston

6th Grade Science


Phone: (979) 865-5966 Ext: 2213


*Course Outline is subject to change

*Grades may differ between Google Classroom and Ascender (Gradebook). Ascender (Gradebook) is the official gradebook for Bellville ISD and where all updated grades will be posted.

Force and Motion: Balanced and Unbalanced Forces