Mrs. Wilson's kindergarten class 2019-2020

I am writing the following suggestions for helping my parents who need to help their children at home, due to school closures.

1) Keep the brown envelope with the small reading books! Your child knows they're precious. They help the children practice reading sight words and consonant-vowel-consonant (cvc) words, or words to sound-out. Your direction is to have your child read for 20 minutes, or at least 5 of these books, every day. Listen to your child read them out loud, page by page. Help your child as needed, but you shouldn't have to read these books to them.

2) Have your child work in their "Quiet Books" for them to practice the ABCs, writing numbers, and printing their names accurately.

I have a ZOOM meeting everyday at 11 AM, except on work pick-up days when I'm at school handing out packets. I have emailed the sign-in codes to all families. I hope to see everyone there!

KINDERGARTEN IS NOT DOING "Digital Learning" yet! Stay tuned.....

Your kinder has a learning PACKET, a new one every two weeks. The next pick-up date is Tuesday, May 5, and the last pick-up date is Tuesday, May 19. I will be at room 3 from 9 AM-4 PM. Please wear a mask and keep at least 6' between yourself and others. We are practicing social distancing at all times.

Please bring your child to school for me to photograph him/her for their graduation certificate. You have two opportunities for this: I will be at school on Tuesday, April 28 from 2-4 PM for photos, and all day on May 5 when the packet is available. If you do not or cannot bring your child to school, please send me a close up photo so I can print it out. I have graduation caps here but I can also photoshop in a cap. Send by May 5, please, or I will use a photo I have, though it may not look at formal as usual.

We are NOT collecting your child's completed work, so we do not spread germs. I recommend you do not tell your child this, and you recycle the completed work without your child's knowledge.

It's OK to go to YouTube for learning videos. There are some links below. I like all videos by Have Fun Teaching, Harry Kindergarten, and Miss Molly. To help in your search, put in "Harry Kindergarten count to 100" or "Miss Molly Sight Words". Use ABCs, Count by 10s, count to 100, sight word____, . These will help weed out the inappropriate videos. Do not let your child search without you. The links below are all good.

Here's an example of a Daily Schedule:

En espanol:

Kindergarten Checklist for At-Home Learning Activities

Write the ABCs on paper, using all lowercase letters

Use flashcards to read the sight words.

Say the days of the week.

Say the months of the year.

Count out loud to 100

Write numbers up to 50. Go higher if you can.

Listen to a book read aloud. Log onto Epic! An email invitation was sent to everyone who gave an email address to the office. PLEASE SEND ME YOUR EMAIL.

Go watch a science video

Listen to ABC video for 10 minutes

Write in your journal, one page. Write the date, write two or three sentences, and draw a detailed picture that matches the words.

Play Dreambox for 20 minutes. You need to log in to Clever and use your badge. Go to CLEVER which is on the Meadow View school site, on the home page.

Play Teach Your Monster to Read for 20 minutes. You do not need the badge.

Go on a field trip!


IDEAS FOR PARENTS to pick and choose, from our local Childrens' Museum


Words we learned in school:

I a can the we see like to and go you do my are he with is little she was for have they of said want

Words to learn at-home (2 words per week):

here me this what help too play has where look who good come does

Dreambox is a math program every kinder should use for 20 minutes daily. You need a high-speed Internet connection. If you’re using a browser, use this link:

To Access DreamBox on an iPad To download the DreamBox Learning Math app, go to, or search for "DreamBox Learning Math" in the App Store. When prompted in the app, enter this school code: nmtn/rh3m . Your child will be able to use their name to log in.

ABC Mouse. You can get a one month free version of the program kids use in class. Families who subscribe to using our classroom code will receive an exclusive discount on their monthly subscription. You can add up to three children, with individual profiles and progress tracking for each child • It's available on computers, tablets, and smartphones • Go to 2 Enter code: CRNXD8KP

Teach Your Monster to Read. The favorite in our class!

Children must use

When logging in, set (star code) to 3973585. You need to bookmark it so you're not having to plug in the number 3973585 each time. This will make sense when you get there.

EPIC . This is new to our kids but here you can find books I've recommended they hear. Go to the website Epic! Though they are providing it free, you need to be invited by them, when I give them your email.

More websites are emerging as this health crisis goes on because everyone wants to help our children. If you have a printer at home, you can print worksheets and booklets.

Stay posted. This is a work in progress. Check back often. Reach out to me at bwilson@busd or phone (707)637-6463. If your child wants to talk to me, I'm available, too. Virtual hugs to you all! Stay quarantined so we can be social asap.

Dear Family Member:

Kindergarten has high academic expectations, and students are also learning to be good students: how to do their best even when it's hard, how to be kind to others, and how to learn.

We learn 40 words BY SIGHT.

We learn all the letters, capital and lowercase, and their sounds. We also learn the sounds of the letter combinations th, sh, ch.

We learn to read consonant-vowel-consonant words fluently (such as cat, dog, sit).

We learn to count out loud to 100 without any mistakes.

We learn to write our numbers to 20, and read these number by sight, even when they're out of order.

We learn to add and subtract up to/within 5 (ex: 4+0, 3+1, 4-2, 2+3, 3-2...) and learn to make any "Teen" number (10-19) as a representation of 10 + x.

Your child should be able to read the color words red, green, black, blue, brown, orange, purple, pink, yellow, white.