Welcome to the Bellevue Independent Schools' site dedicated to supporting students, parents, and teachers with 1-to-1 learning in the district.

Every Bellevue student will have access to their own Winbook/iPads in the classroom as a part of routine instruction. Students will gain access to their devices at the beginning of the school year upon reading and returning the required agreement.

What is 1-to-1?

1-to-1, 1to1, 1-1, 1:1, one-to-one ... all of these are used to describe a learning environment where every student has their own dedicated device for their learning needs.

Why 1-to-1?

Technology is intertwined in most everyone's daily lives, both personally and professionally. Many students have learned how to harness technology to enhance their personal lives by the time they reach 6th grade, yet many of these same students still struggle to use technology effectively in school.

By having access to their own device, anytime and anywhere, students will be able to practice technological skills they may need in their future careers.

In addition, by providing all students with access to tools for learning, BISD believes that the overall chance of academic success increases for all students.

Who gets a Device? What Device?

Grades 4-12 will be issued a Winbook for the school year.

Grades K-3 will be issued an iPad for the school year.

Technology Office Hours

By Appointment Only

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