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Welcome to Social Studies

Parents & Students:

This is a road map of the "destinations" we hope to reach each week. As with any travel plan it is exactly that a "plan". I will do my best to keep us on track, but please understand "road construction" and "detours" will likely occur temporarily interrupting our progress. When these events happen I will make every effort to get us back on the "road" as quickly as possible.

Instructional pacing will be based on each class. Student planners should be checked for additional and updated information and due dates.

It is VERY important that students have their colored pencils in class EVERY DAY.

Students are to bring their colored pencils to class everyday. They will periodically need them and not having them in class the day they are used will effect their grade for that assignment which could effect their overall grade, too.

Daily Quiz (DQ)

DQs will be done at the beginning of class Tuesday through Friday. Students will have a 5 question quiz on the previous day's material. Students need to be reviewing notes on a nightly basis. DQs will help me see if students are doing this and where they may need additional instruction. DQs will be checked daily. Students will receive a grade at the end of the week for all DQs combined.

Financial Literacy Concepts will be incorporated in all Social Studies classes. Eighth grade will be using "My Classroom Economy" by Vanguard. Through the program real-life scenarios are created to teach kids about jobs, pay checks, rent, and other basic financial skills. Seventh grade will be doing an on-line program called "Future Smart" by Everfi. This is a digital program in which students are the mayor of a town and must make various economic decisions. A great program, but more difficult to incorporate due to technology access. As a result students may be expected to complete some of this at home.

Here are some ways to avoid what's known as the "summer slide". These don't have to be just for summer.

Camp Khan: Learn more at bit.ly/CampKhan

National Geographic Games https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/games/



Fun unblocked games

Cool Math Games (has a cost)

Sign up for a summer reading program at your local library.


Cook (recipes use reading and math skills)

TIME for Kids

The KIDZ Page

How Stuff Works

Fun Brain



BBC History for Kids

Discovery Kids

Learning Games for Kids

Kids Know It

Mrs. Michelle Yurchak

7th/8th Grade Social Studies

Geography Bee Coordinator

Constitution Day Coordinator

Belle Creek Charter School


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