Potluck + Sit


Introduction.  We're a meditation community that values inclusion, shared leadership, collective liberation, and generosity.   We meet weekly over Zoom and monthly in person in New York City.   We're peer-led and we've been convening since February 2018.  

We also have a vibrant Google Group rich with resources, and we meet as inspiration strikes: be that over Zoom for book club or in-person for plays, protests, and performances.  Everyone is empowered to share, propose, and organize anything.

Open arms meditation.  We welcome everyone of all meditation backgrounds and experiences.  People have meditated for the first time ever with us while others have sat extended retreats or are certified meditation teachers.  We're non-denominational and welcome all meditation traditions and faiths.

How it works.  Everyone is invited for our weekly meetings over Zoom; they're every Saturday at 11am Eastern.  Folks join from all over and across different time zones.  Each week, a different person leads and facilitates.  

Those in the Greater NYC area can also attend our monthly in-person gatherings.  They're on the second Sunday of every month at 11am.  We meet all over the city: every month, in a generous act of hospitality, a different host offers their home.  No one is ever charged to attend; we ask only that you bring a vegetarian potluck dish as offering.  

The main beats of any Potluck + Sit (whether over Zoom or IRL) are a pre-sit offering, 45-minute meditation, mindful speaking and listening, and discussion — with potluck afterwards if meeting in-person!

Our values:

Some inspirations and influences:

If you're interested in joining, please email <potluckandsit at gmail dot com> and share a little about who you are, your meditation background or practice, and your interest in Potluck + Sit.

May all beings be safe.  May all beings be healthy.  May all beings be happy.  May all beings live with ease.  May all beings be liberated.