Working hard testing our prototypes.

-Jade, Airallyn, Stran, Ethan

Will our harnesses hold?

-Ethan and Stran

Is this long enough for the final test on the bleachers?


Busy building straw rockets.

-Dale, Titus, Airallyn

First one to make it in the box!!


We needed multiple trials.

-Xander, Stran, Dale

We had a lot of fun inventing with strawbees.



-Xander, Alexis, Kylie, Jade

Can I win this balancing game?


Will this protect my egg?


How can I keep my egg safe?


Who will win this obstacle course?

-Mrs. Turner

-We are busy callibrating our ozobots

-Airallyn, Xander

- Coding my ozobot


-I can't stop for a picture I am busy coding.


Will we win the competition? - Xander

I think we will win!! - Airallyn

We got the first die! - Alexis & Xander

How many beads do I need? - MacKenzie

Look at my sun catcher!! - Xander

Pi Day??... I have 1 circle... - Stran

The results! - Airallyn, Xander, Kylie, Stran

My egg survived - Kylie

I hope it isn't too windy... - Stran