⚜️Cannon Training Team & Info⚜️

⚜️The Cannon District serves Scouting in Cabarrus County. “Cannon” was chosen to honor the former Cannon Mills Company and the Cannon Family. Both have been tremendous supporters of Scouting for many years. We are thankful Scouts to them.

⚜️ Cannon District Training Team:

Note: For immediate training needs please contact The Council Training Chair, Chris Mills (info below or any one of the following training team scouters....

To Be Determined, Training Chair - ???-???-???? - ???@gmail.com

To Be Determined, Assistant Chair - ???-???-???? - ???@gmail.com

Matt Losh, Commissioner Staff Trainer - 980-332-0136 - mlosh276@gmail.com

Jeff Parker, District Trainer - 704-467-1471 - wa1wxl@yahoo.com

Jerry Helms, Boy Scouting, Merit Badge Counselors - 980-322-7820 - jerryhelms@ctc.net

Brian Zubal, Youth Protection, & Scoutbook - 704-918-9800 - carolina.elect.bz@gmail.com

Wes Webb, Cub Scouting, Webelos - 704-784-2876 - webbtr@ctc.net

Dan Overcash, District Trainer - 980-521-1664 - dan_overcash@hotmail.com

Jason Dickson, BALOO & STEM Specialist - 704-277-1559 - jdickso3@yahoo.com

Marcia Haas, Trainer Emeritus - 704-699-2745 - dinogirl46@yahoo.com

Chris Mills, Council Training Chair - 704-425-7594 - chrisjmills053@gmail.com

We're seeking more district trainers so please let us know if you want to share your talents and experience.... Please!!!


⚜️Cannon District Key Three:

Troy Barnhardt, District Committee Chair - 704-791-7064 - tbarnhardt@windstream.net

Neil Ashworth, District Commissioner - 704-796-0488 - neil1@vnet.net

Josh Gibbs, District Executive (Click Here for page)- 704-743-8446 - Joshua.Gibbs@Scouting.org

⚜️Quarterly Training Objectives For The Cannon District⚜️

Please note that there are many active links for your training convenience.


Q1 2018

(January, February, & March)


Q2 2018

(April, May, & June)

  • Complete audit on all Scouts trainings, both adult and youth, to assess progress
  • All current adult Scouters 100% trained in YPT (making double sure)
  • All current adult Scouters 100% trained in their position specific areas
  • Roll out of youth Scouters leadership online trainings
  • All youth Scouters 100% trained in their specific leadership roles
  • Focus on Unit Commissioner's trainings
  • Focus on COR & unit support trainings
  • All Merit Badge Counselors YPT & position specific trained & on file at council office
  • Identify & correlate with other district training chairs and the council training team for larger training events that may be offered annually
  • Assist in making sure all Cub Scout & Boy Scout camp staff's are fully trained for the summer
  • Identify additional training opportunities as needed...


Q3 2018

(July, August, & September)

  • Complete audit on all Scouts trainings, both adult and youth, to assess progress
  • 2018 Rechartering processes identified and effective training plans confirmed & implemented
  • Offer a group Youth Protection Training at University of Scouting in October
  • Summertime training campaign (summer camps, events, etc)
  • Uniform inspection training
  • Conduct "Unit Committee Training" campaign
  • Identify additional training opportunities as needed...


Q4 2018

(October, November, & December)

  • Complete audit on all Scouts trainings, both adult and youth, to assess progress
  • Unit Commissioners and all Scouting leadership trained on the new rechartering process
  • All units trained on the rechartering process
  • Recharter on time with 100% in all training areas of Journey To Excellence
  • Address any Scouters that lack being current in YPT and position specific trainings
  • Identify additional training opportunities as needed...
  • Establish quarterly 2019 objectives based on Cannon District's needs

⚜️For our brand new scouters...

...for your first Roundtable we invite you a special “New Leaders Welcome To Scouting” orientation session. This will help to ensure that you, and the other new Scout Leaders, are aware on how to become fully trained, and have a successful Scouting career. We will share: 1) Scouting.fyi, 2) My.Scouting.org, 3) Completing the required trainings within the timeframes, 4) Learning who the other leaders are, 5) Helping ensure your success. (Please note the active links in this section for your convenience.) We support you and thank you for your time in this worthy endeavor.

⚜️ District Training & Event Calendar

If you know of any events that you would like to have posted to this calendar please notify any member of the training committee. Also, please subscribe to this calendar with your calendar system so you don't miss any events, it will update automatically. Click the blue "plus" link on the bottom right corner of the calendar to subscribe. You can also choose between "Week", "Month", or "Agenda" views.