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Please report all your training to a member of the training committee and/or your Unit Commissioner, or directly to the Council office in Albemarle. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure your, and your unit's records are up to date. Be sure to print out all your training certificates from My.Scouting.org, especially for your Youth Protection Training!!!We are here to assist you.


Do an audit on your personal training records and also for your leaders and Scouts! we are wanting to make sure that everyone that has completed a training of some kind gets their proper credit! If you don’t know how to log into My.Scouting.org and perform the training audits please let me know. Also, if you find that some training is missing please either contact the Council office in Albemarle or your district training chair with an email of your certificates. Our goal is to have all records updated before the start of rechartering. So to get everyone their proper credit please inform all of this essential priority. Super Thank YOU!!!

An extremely important note about Youth Protection & Position Specific Training:

Youth Protection training has been updated and is available at My.Scouting.org as well. It is now required annually of everyone. The actual training and related information will be found there. EVERYONE MUST be YPT Trained before the end of rechartering otherwise they will not be able to recharter!!! This is a national policy. Contact the training team to organize group trainings.

CLICK HERE for a nice chart that shows all required position specific required training. Please reach out to the your district training team if you have any questions. It is now a requirement to not only have your Youth Protection Training up to date but also your position specific training as well for rechartering! This is per a new National BSA requirement.

Instructions For Accessing Online Training.pdf

See what good training does....

⚜️A Wonderful Online Volunteer Recruiting Tool:


⚜️Just a reminder about Boy Scout Rank Requirements...

All scouts, regardless of rank or tenure, are now required to use the 2016 Boy Scout Rank Requirements. These were introduced last year and became mandatory on January 1, 2017. Scouts currently have the option of either purchasing the new 13th Edition of the Boy Scout Handbook or they can use this insert in their 12th Edition handbook. Please also note the new Eagle Palm Requirements as well...

2016 Boy Scout Rank Requirements Printable Insert.pdf