⚜️Cannon RoundTable⚜️

⚜️The Cannon District serves Scouting in Cabarrus County. “Cannon” was chosen to honor the former Cannon Mills Company and the Cannon Family. Both have been tremendous supporters of Scouting for many years. We are thankful Scouts to them.

⚜️ Cannon District Roundtable Team:

David Jordan - District Roundtable Commissioner - 704-907-0574

Dave Breslin - Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner - 980-621-1758

Jerry Helms - Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner - 980-322-7820

Actively Seeking - Venture/Explorer Roundtable Commissioner -

Neil Ashworth, District Commissioner - 704-796-0488 - neil1@vnet.net


⚜️Cannon District Key Three:

Troy Barnhardt, District Committee Chair - 704-791-7064 - tbarnhardt@windstream.net

Neil Ashworth, District Commissioner - 704-796-0488 - neil1@vnet.net

Josh Gibbs, District Executive - 704-743-8446 - Joshua.Gibbs@Scouting.org

⚜️Be sure to come early at 6:30 for the Cracker Barrel!!!

Note: Round Table is held on the Church Street (back) of the church. Best parking is either across Church Street or in the parking lot next to the church. Just look for the other "Scouting" vehicles...

⚜️For our brand new scouters...

...for your first Roundtable we invite you a special “New Leaders Welcome To Scouting” orientation session. This will help to ensure that you, and the other new Scout Leaders, are aware on how to become fully trained, and have a successful Scouting career. We will share: 1) Scouting.fyi, 2) My.Scouting.org, 3) Completing the required trainings within the timeframes, 4) Learning who the other leaders are, 5) Helping ensure your success. (Please note the active links in this section for your convenience.) We support you and thank you for your time in this worthy endeavor.


Topic Resources⚜️

Cub Scout RT Guide Topics from 2017-2018 that will be used for 2018-2019.pdf


National BSA Roundtable Draft Big Rock Topics 2018-2019.pdf


National BSA Roundtable Draft Boy Scout Interest Topics 2018-2019 (1).pdf


(The Following Is Under Review)



⚜️This year long "JTE" training program, if followed, will prepare all units, districts, and the council to be at the gold level. Each of these training points focus specifically on items on the Journey To Excellence score cards. The objective is for everyone to recharter at the gold level which is very possible. The Round Table trainings are provided by members of the district training committee. Note that there are many active links in this section of resources for your convenience. Click Here for the Journey To Excellence Scorecards.