⚜️ For questions about rechartering please contact your unit's Unit Commissioner directly. If you are not sure who your unit's Unit Commissioner is please contact the Cannon District's District Commissioner, Neil Ashworth at: 704-796-0488, neil1@vnet.net. Thank you.

⚜️Resources & Info for rechartering⚜️

⚜️Rechartering this year will be from the 1st of November to the 1st of December. Your Unit Commissioner will assist you with rechartering. Please hand your recharter when finished to your Unit Commissioner before the end of November.

⚜️Rechartering Workshops will be at the Scout Shop at Cloverleaf Plaza Nov 8th & 29th 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM. Be sure to use the back entrance as the front will lock after 6:30 PM.

⚜️The absolute last day to turn in your Recharters to your Unit Commissioner is Monday the 3rd of December! Please don't lose your unit's

⚜️"Access Codes" are found on the top right of the first page of your recharter packet.

⚜️Please check back to this page frequently as more important rechartering information will be placed here often. Thank you.

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