Brandon Energy Efficiency 

Since 2014, Michael Brandon of 'Brandon Energy Efficiency', 'BEE', has been operating across three continents, amassing a large client base from the concise energy audits we perform. After the huge increases in energy costs this year, there has never been a greater need to lowering costs. 

With emphasis on the environment, and with careful consideration, we decided on a new look for our company. We utilised the Bee as our logo because of its critical position in the ecosystem, with the species being so vulnerable to the threat of global warming, from wasteful energy consumption.

To date, we have served clients in the United Kingdom, Thailand, Ghana, Malawi, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Using state-of-the-art energy logging devices and thermal cameras, companies of all sizes, from a small local butchers in Zimbabwe, to the giant copper smelting plant in Kansanshi, Zambia, owned by the mighty international 'First Quantum', we have pinpointed the causes of issues which our customers have experienced, then given concise advice how to eliminate them.

'BEE', has been eliminating wasteful reactive power and stabilising poor unstable power supplied from local substations in Africa. This in turn, prolongs the life of our clients equipment, as well as reducing their monthly energy bills by an average of 20% as well as giving substantial reductions in diesel consumption during load shedding. We have worked hard towards being a major contributor in lowering harmful COemissions internationally.

Please take the first step to become energy efficient and contact Michael Brandon on the details below to book one of our concise energy audits:

WhatsApp:      +44 7711000391