Virtual Art Show

Welcome to the Bedford City Schools' third virtual art show! We are thrilled to present the incredible artistic achievements of our students this year. From kindergarten to twelfth grade, our talented students have poured their hearts and souls into their creations, showcasing their passion and dedication to the visual arts.

As you explore the diverse array of artwork on display, we invite you to witness the creativity, skill, and imagination of our students. From colorful paintings to intricate sculptures, each piece is a testament to the artistic growth and talent nurtured within our classrooms.

The Bedford art department is dedicated to promoting the visual arts by fostering accessibility, inclusivity, and meaning. Through student-centered learning environments, we empower our students to develop creative problem-solving skills, enhance visual communication, and cultivate cultural awareness.

Guided by Ohio's fine arts academic content standards, our art program provides a cohesive and progressive curriculum that supports students in their journey of artistic exploration and expression. From mastering foundational techniques to honing personal styles, our students develop a strong artistic foundation that extends beyond the classroom.

We hope you enjoy this virtual art show as much as we do, and as much as our students enjoyed creating these remarkable pieces. Thank you for joining us in celebrating the creativity and talent of the Bedford City Schools community. Enjoy the show!

Jennifer Pozz, Art Coordinator

Bedford City School District

475 Northfield Road, Bedford, Ohio 44146

BCSD Art Department

  Bedford High School: Rebecca Genao rgenao@bedfordschools.org

Bedford High School: Sarah Holt sholt@bedfordschools.org

Bedford High School: Leah McKeen lmckeen@bedfordschools.org

Bedford High School: Trisha O'Hara tohara@bedfordschools.org

Bedford High School: Jennifer Pozz jpozz@bedfordschools.org

Carylwood Intermediate School:  Rebecca Boesken rboesken@bedfordschools.org

Central Primary School: Kenan Gabriel kgabriel@bedfordschools.org

Columbus Intermediate School:  Rebecca Boesken rboesken@bedfordschools.org

Glendale Primary School:  April DeVincentis-Jones ajones@bedfordschools.org

Heskett Middle School: David Pluck dpluck@bedfordschools.org