Current Events

Event 1: Anything Goes!

There will be 10 stations set up with questions or activities related to science: two physics, two chemistry, two biology, two earth science, and two whatever we think of. (Hint: one of our favorites is "name that thing.")

Event 2: Mystery Challenge:

For this challenge you will be given instructions upon arrival. The event title is - Reach for the Stars!

Event 3: You BET Women reach for the star!

This year, trivia will focus Astronomy and women who have studied or visited the stars. This is a team challenge trivia game. Many categories will focus on astronomy related topics- Astronauts and Astronomers, galaxies, stars, tools for researching the stars, constellations, and the planets . For each round you will get 4 cards of four different colors. Each color is worth a certain amount of points. For example: Blue cards = 8, Green = 6, Yellow = 4, and Pink = 2. For each round there will be four questions. You can only answer one question at a time and only use one card at a time. You will have 5-10 seconds to write your answer.

This year will focus on Astronomy and the women who influenced the field.

Here is an example of a round from a prior year:

Categories: Biology, Women in History, Physics, Chemistry

  • Q1: Biology – What does DNA stand for? (Each team writes their answer on a card and it is collected) Three cards left. Used Green)
  • Q2: She discovered Radon. (Answer on Different colored card) Two cards left. (Used Red)
  • Q3: In the equation E=mc2, the c stands for? (Answer on card) One card left. (Used Blue)
  • Q4: The chemical symbol for gold is? (Last card answer) Used Pink)

You will receive points for the correct answers. You had Q 1 and 3 correct, your team receives 15 points.

Between rounds there will a team challenge question. This will be a more complicated question that each team will be given 2-5 minutes (or more depending on the question) to complete. These will be collected and scored. Each challenge question will be worth between 10 -25 points. There will be a total of 2 challenge questions.

The competition will be composed of a betting round of four questions, a challenge question, another round of four questions, another challenge question, and a final betting round of four questions.

Top point getter wins, ties will be broken by pre-set questions in the betting rounds.

Event 4: Pre-Build Engineering Challenge

Shoemaker 's Family Vacation

The Shoemaker Family is celebrating the stars by going on a trip across the great Bedford Canyon and they need your help transporting an egg. A 1/8" Cable has been strung up across the canyon and platforms have been built on both sides (one to board and one to depart). However, money ran out and they need you to design and construct a device to carry them across the canyon. The only power source is a mousetrap and the Shoemakers do not want there egg to be strapped into a seat. In addition, the architects have informed us that the device must be able to fit through an imaginary 20 cm by 30 cm tunnel and that the length of the device should be under 30 cm.

It gets worse: the architects will not know exactly how far the platforms are apart until December 8th. We have estimated that the canyon is between three to five meters. The winning design will be able to safely transport the large egg from the first platform to an exact spot on the second platform. Measurements will be taken to see which team of engineers comes closest to the mark. If two teams hit it exactly, the faster transport will be declared the winner.


Meets all building parameters - tier 1

  • Closest to marked distance = winner
  • Tie goes to the faster device
  • Note - egg must be easily placed in the device and easily taken out.

Egg Breaks or falls off - Tier 2

Does not meet building requirements - Tier 3

We will post a picture of the cable soon.

The Basics

The Set up - 1/8" Wire spun cable spanning 3-5 meters. (note: there is no covering on the cable. We are buying it from ACE Hardware.)

What you need to build:

A device that can be placed on the cable and transport the egg.

The device must be able to be attached without stringing the cable through. It must be able to be put on and taken off in a simple manner (if you have questions, ask)

The device must fit in through an imaginary box:

20 cm wide, 30 cm top to bottom, 30 cm long - along the cable line

The only power source is a standard Mouse trap.

The Egg needs to be placed in the device (not tied down or clipped in). Easily accessible - we will provide all eggs for the competition. DO NOT BRING AN EGG WITH YOU.