The Latest NEWS

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100th Day of School Fun!!!! I cannot believe that it is the 100th day of school!!! Today we had so much crazy fun! We made hats with strips of 10 things on each, pictures of ten fish blowing 10 bubbles, a scavenger hunt, and fruit loop necklaces with 10 groups of 10!!! It was so much fun!


Wow!! We have been doing some AMAZING work here in Room 117. We are studying penguins, we have learned about four different penguins so far including the Rockhopper, Little Blue, King, and Gentoo. We have learned where they live, who their enemies are, how tall they are, and really just how hard it is to be a penguin. Be sure to ask your first grader what their favorite thing is about penguins!

We had a great time exploring pumpkins! Students were grouped with friends from Ms. Mansfield's class (which they loved!) Then they had the opportunity to measure and weigh pumpkins, count the seeds, see if they float or sink, they even discovered a pumpkin growing inside another pumpkin!!! Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and donated pumpkins!

We went into the CASE classroom next door and we did some exploring with pumpkins. What we learned is that although pumpkins may look different on the outside, they are all the same on the inside full of seeds and guts! Fun Fact - did you know that pumpkins are related to honeydew melons?? The white pumpkin smells like a melon!

WOW!! I can't believe it is already November! We have had so much fun here in Room 117. These pictures are from Halloween, we had a great day and got to work together to build structures out of candy corn. Friends were put in small groups to come up with a plan. They worked together and each group made a sketch and then they worked together to build it. Their creations were amazing and the way the worked together was fantastic! I am looking forward to meeting with you all in the next few weeks and I am looking forward to our pumpkin exploration, in two weeks!

In math we have been practicing addition through our many domino games. Dominos and dice dot patterns help children quickly recognize a quantity without having to count individual dot. Dominos allow children to use a variety of strategies including combining small groups, counting on and using known facts. We have also made several double-flap cards to explore fact families. These double-flap cards teach the commutative property of addition and that addition has a direct relationship with subtraction.

Daily 5 and literature groups have begun and book bags have started to come home. They need to be returned everyday, I will collect them on Fridays. Also during Daily 5 friends have been writing their own graphic novels and chapter books, as well as listening to books and reading with friends or by themselves.

WOW!! We have already finished our first math unit! We worked on using number racks to represent numbers and then for addition and subtraction. They help students to think in groups of 2, 5, and 10 rather than counting by ones. Our next unit develops strategies using dice and dominoes. We will also be exploring fact families. A fact family is a set of four related facts.

We have been working together during math workplaces making pattern block designs, unifix cube patterns, sorting sea creatures and insects, geoboard designs, and polydrons building!

This week we have built our Read to Self Stamina to 20 minutes! We started to build our Stamina for Reading to a Partner, we started off great at 7 minutes, we will work this week to make it to 20!