Pastor Je

The Reverent Je Myoung Lee was installed as the Pastor of the Presbyterian Parish of Lawrence County on June 25, 2017. The Parish consists of the First Presbyterian Church of Bedford, Indiana and the Mitchell Presbyterian Church of Mitchell, Indiana.

A native of Seoul, South Korea, Je moved to Canada where he received Christ's call to the ministry. Je moved to a Chicago suburb and married his wife, Hannah, and was admitted to the McCormick Theological Seminary. Je graduated from McCormick in May, 2016, as one of three honor students.

While at school he traveled to Israel and Palestine twice, and also to Egypt, Jordan, Indian, Germany, France and Switzerland to deepen and broaden his eyes in theology as well as in reality. He joined two archaeological excavations in the Holy Land (Lachish and Meggiddo) to enhance his understanding of the Old Testament, as well as studying Arabic for four weeks to improve his understanding of Hebrew.