My kids stepped up their game and grew personally from having our student here. It showed me a side of them I had not seen in awhile, and some new, more mature behavior and attitudes have come out of the experience of getting to know someone from half a world away. We also really enjoyed meeting many other exchange students and their families. We miss our student a lot! - The Elliott Family

Our Taiwan sister school is Taichung Second Senior High School in Taichung, Taiwan. This reciprocal relationship allows us to share language and culture between our students, the two school communities, and the two communities at large. Our students have the opportunity to participate in a home stay with a Taichung Second Senior High School student and host that same student when he or she comes to BHS. The time in Taiwan involves living with the host family, attending some classes and school events, and going on cultural excursions as a group. This is a reoccurring program and takes place every other year with BHS students going in the April and the Taichung Second Senior High School students coming here in September.

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