Collaborative Parent Group


  • To guide parents in navigating the special education process

  • To collaborate and enhance the support of students with disabilities, parents, and the community

  • To improve effective and transparent communication between parents, families, and the community

  • To foster relationships between parents and families of children with disabilities

If you are interested in learning more, please see the FAQ and the flyer advertising our meetings below!

Upcoming Meetings

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When do meetings take place?

Meetings will happen once per month with alternating times to allow flexibility in meeting families' needs.

  1. Who can attend?

Parents of students with disabilities, family members, and interested members of the community are all welcome.

  1. What ages of students does this group support?

Families of children with disabilities aged 3 to 21 are encouraged to participate. Some topics presented may be targeted to different age groups.

  1. Where do the meetings take place?

Meetings will be held either virtually or in person at the SAU office.