About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to facilitate the pursuit of an education fostered by FIRST. This education will be founded on

our supplemental guidance into the fields of science, technology, and engineering. Our guidance will create

an environment that inspires innovation, prompts teamwork, values differences, and champion's responsibility.

A responsibility of loving, promoting, and emulating the values of FIRST in our community.

Our Mentors

Mr. Fowler - Faculty Advisor

Mrs. Lariviere - Event Hosting and Concessions Co-Coordinator

Mrs. Bresnahan - Event Hosting and Concessions Co-Coordinator

Mr. Willis - Founding Mentor and Lead Mechanical Mentor

Mr. Wong - Mechanical Mentor

Mr. Murphy - Mechanical Mentor

Mr. Crowther - Mechanical Mentor

Mr. Coulter - Mechanical Mentor

Mr. Wills - Mechanical Mentor

Mr. Soggu - Programming and Electrical Systems Mentor

Mr. Venti - Programming and Electrical Systems Mentor

Mr. Bresnahan - Programming and Electrical Systems Mentor

Mr. Desjardins - Mechanical Mentor

Current Team

This year, our team has grown tremendously in numbers, diversity and aptitude. We are proud to have gotten such a large number of new students excited about robotics. Due to the eagerness of our members to learn how to design, build, and program our robot, things have been moving far quicker than we had previously expected.

Team Awards

2019 - Top 10% of FRC Teams Worldwide

2019 - WPI District Event - Quarter Finalist

2019 - UNH District Event - Finalist

2018 - UNH District Event - Quality Award

2018 - North Shore District Event - Excellence in Engineering Award

2017 - Windham District Event - Entrepreneurship Award

2014 - UNH District Event - Gracious Professionalism Award

2011 - Chesapeake Regional - Judges' Award

2010 - BAE Granite State Regional - Team Spirit Award

2009 - BAE Granite State Regional - Judges' Award

2009 - Philadelphia Regional - Judges' Award

2008 - BAE Granite State Regional - Entrepreneurship Award

2007 - River Rage - Top Rookie Seed Award

Team Leaders

CEO - Tom Crowther

CTO - James Wang

CMO - Colin McGinty

COO - Samantha Lopez

CFO - Ethan Gerali