Peer Tutoring

ACADEMIC YEAR 2020/2021 INFORMATION: The Peer Tutoring program is now available! Remember it's important to continue to work with your content area teachers if you are struggling with competency as well as your peer tutor.

-If you are interested in finding a Peer Tutor for academic support, please click the link Request a Peer Tutor: Request a Peer Tutor

-If you are interested in becoming a Peer Tutor, please click the link (even if you have been a tutor in the past) Become a Peer Tutor: Become a Peer Tutor

Thank you for your patience as we set up the Peer Tutoring Program virtually using Google Meet.

We will match you with a tutor and contact you with an introduction meeting time via email. Our hope is to have this happen within 2 weeks of your request, but sometimes a good match is not available within that time frame so we ask for your continued patience, and for you to keep the consistent connection with the content area teacher.

***Special Note to our freshman who want to become a peer tutor....Thank you for your excitement in the peer tutoring program! Typically, our program looks for upperclassman that have completed BHS coursework in order to be a peer tutor. As we work through semester 2, it may be possible that you could become a peer tutor as a freshman. If you are not matched with a student who requests a peer tutor this year, please check back in as a sophomore.***

Peer Tutoring in a virtual world...

Please follow all Google Meet expectations when meeting as noted in the student handbook: Google Meet

Google Meet is a synchronous (live) video conference tool used by BHS staff and is the primary tool for remote instruction. It is used in all classes during remote instruction, Advisory, small group meetings, team meetings, and 1:1 meetings. Google Meet is only used during the typical times teachers and students would normally work together (never at night and never on the weekends).

Student expectations:

  • Students must begin every Meet with the camera on and the sound muted.

  • Students must be dressed as they would for in-person school.

  • When not speaking, students should mute their microphone (Command D).

  • BHS staff can request students to be in a public part of their house for 1:1 Meets.

  • Students are allowed to set up Google Meets for group work and collaboration.

  • If students have wifi issues and shutting of the camera helps, ask the teacher for permission first.

Questions about Peer Tutoring? Contact : Mrs. Lipinski or Ms. Sullivan, both are located in the Counseling Office