Why We Run Intersession and Expectations

Intersession is a way for students to achieve educational excellence in an arena other than the standard classroom and typically through experiential learning. Students are given opportunities to exceed their comfortable limits. Activities can foster inquiry, demonstrate diversity, offer opportunities to make positive contributions to the world, and generally create a nurturing and engaging learning environment.

Intersession also addresses particular portions of the District mission and beliefs and the BHS mission statement.

Each activity addresses several of the following District mission and belief statements

  • Develop a community of learners who are intellectually curious
  • Learning occurs primarily through faculty and student interaction
  • Curriculum that relates to students’ lives and goals increases motivation
  • Problem solving, critical thinking, and adaptability are essential to survival in our changing world

Each activity addresses several of the following BHS mission components:

  • Creating a community with a passion for learning
  • Exceeding our comfortable limits
  • Advancing skills, knowledge, critical thinking, and problem solving
  • Fostering habits of open inquiry
  • Understanding our diverse world
  • Creating connections and an engaging learning environment
  • Educating the whole person
  • Supporting students’ unique vision and voice
  • Making positive contributions to the world


The three days of Intersession are required school days. Students are expected to participate, demonstrate good citizenship, and follow all school rules. Students participating in activities at the school must stay on school grounds; they cannot leave for lunch.