Bedford Hall of Fame

The Bedford School District has been recognized as one of the most exceptional school districts in the state. This recognition and distinction would not be possible without the many educators, students and volunteers that over the years have built, maintained and enhanced the mission and the values of our school district. To truly exemplify the spirit of our district and to recognize the individual contributions and achievements of those who have gone above and beyond in making Bedford an extraordinary school district in all aspects, we are pleased to introduce the Bedford Hall of Fame.

How you can be involved

The nominations for the Bedford Hall of Fame come from you. This is your chance to give back, to extend the utmost "Thank You" to that person who you feel helped shape your experience within the Bedford School District. This is your opportunity to recognize those individuals who have made a positive impact on yourself, your family, your children and your community.

Who May Qualify for the Hall of Fame

There is a five-year graduation waiting period for those whose contributions were made as students. There is no waiting period for those whose contributions were made as adults.


Individuals who attended the Bedford School District and who made a significant contribution to their school on the basis of skill, ability, academic achievement, sportsmanship, and/or truly exceptional contributions to their community or society in general


This may include teachers, coaches, administrators, and school volunteers who have made a significant contribution to student development, a team's athletic success, have promoted sound educational values, or who is recognized for a truly exceptional contribution to the schools


Individuals who have attended the Bedford School District and have made positive contributions to the school district, community, or society in general