HomeBound & HomeBased

HomeBound vs. HomeBased

There is frequently a lot of confusion between Homebound and HomeBased Instruction but the difference is usually pretty clear. Homebound Services are utilized if a student has a medical condition keeping them from attending school. HomeBased is utilized only when an IEP/504 Team determines the need for a Home-BASED instruction.

HomeBound Services

Homebound instruction is available to students who are confined at home or in a health care facility for periods that would prevent normal school attendance and are substantiated by a licensed physician or licensed clinical psychologist. The term “confined at home or in a health care facility” means the student is unable to participate in the normal day-to-day activities typically expected during school attendance: and absences from home are infrequent, or relatively short duration or to receive health care treatment.

Homebound instruction is a short-term solution to keep students from falling behind while confined at home or in a health care facility. For this reason, Homebound Instruction is approved for a maximum of 9 weeks once the appropriate paperwork is received from parent/guardian, student, and physician/psychologist. An extension maybe granted with medical endorsement and a documented plan of how to integrate the student back into the school community.

If you have questions regarding Homebound Instruction, please feel free to contact the School Social Worker in your school zone.

HomeBased Services

Home-BASED Placement is designed for students with IEP or 504 plans currently in place. If, for some reason, the IEP/504 Team decides that a student’s educational needs are better met at home, a Home-Based Instruction Plan is discussed with all involved with the child’s education and if appropriate, Home-Based Instruction is put into place.

There are no medical requirements for Home-Based Instruction and is solely based on the needs of educational needs of the child as determined by the IEP/504 Team.

Generally, the process is as follows:

  • IEP/504 meeting is convened and the team determines home-based services are needed. At this time, Case Manager should provide parent with Parent and Student Guidelines for each to sign.
  • Case Manager consults with School Counselor to develop Instructional Plan which would include:

a. type of instruction (Blended Learning or Direct Instruction)

b. list of classes

c. number of hours necessary for instruction.

  • Case Manager notifies school social worker, administrator, and school counselor of team’s decision (Home-Based Services Instruction Notification form).
  • School Social Worker works toward identifying a home-based teacher/coach. The school social worker will provide home-based teacher with appropriate material such as time-sheet, and copies of the parent and student guidelines, etc.
  • Home-Based teacher contacts parent to establish time and place of instruction.

Homebound Forms

HomeBased Forms

Home Schooling

For information on Home Schooling use this link or contact Contact Tracy Piestrak at 540-586-3517 (Alt Ed Ctr).


If you are interested in providing home instruction for students, please contact:

Amy Herrmann

540-586-7735 (LMS)

540-216-0224 (mobile)