Why Choose a Walkabout?

A walkabout allows you the opportunity to discover the "world" through your own unique lens. It acknowledges that what you observe and what you glean from visiting other classrooms is dependent upon your own experiences, strengths, and professional goals.

Introducing Classroom Observation of Peers

Teachers Observing Teachers: Article

4 Options:

  1. Walkabout your Home (Your School)
    • Complete 2 walkabouts within your school
      • 1 within your discipline/grade level and 1 in a different discipline/grade level
    • Earn 5 recertification points
  2. Walkabout your Neighborhood (Your Zone {Jefferson Forest Zone, Liberty Zone, St. River Zone})
    • Complete 2 walkabouts within your zone
    • Earn 7 recertification points
  3. Walkabout your Community (Schools outside of your zone within Bedford County)
    • Complete 2 walkabouts within the county (outside of your zone)
    • Earn 10 recertification points
  4. Walkabout your Region and/or State... (Schools outside of Bedford County)
    • Complete walkabouts outside of the county
    • Recertification points awarded based on each individual case
    • If interested in going outside the division, please submit a request by completing the Funding Request Form

**Must complete reflection form and thank you email to earn recertification points.

  • Details are below.
  • Please make sure you arrange for a substitute (if needed) while conducting a walkabout.
  • Secure administrative approval before conducting walkabouts.
  • Make arrangements with those you wish to observe.

Requirements to Earn Recertification Points

  1. Each walkabout must be a minimum of 20 minutes.
  2. After conducting a walkabout, please complete the following form as evidence of your thoughtful reflection.
  3. Please send an email to each individual you visited thanking them for opening their space to you. In the email please also let them know two positive takeaways you have after visiting their classroom.
    • Please do not offer any critique or constructive criticism.
    • Please CC Sherry Wiese on the email.
  4. Once the form is completed and the email(s) sent, then you will receive a certificate from Sherry Wiese with your recertification points.

Looking for Someone to Visit?

If you are not sure who may be comfortable with a peer classroom observation, check out the following directory, which includes some of our adult learners who have participated in our Education Reimagining training.

You may visit whoever you wish, but this may be a starting point if you are looking for ideas.

If you have a specific strategy or innovation you would like to view, but are not sure who would provide a good example of that, please reach out to Sherry Wiese (swiese@bedford.k12.va.us) and I will provide you with several possible names.