The 6 C's

  1. Communication

  2. Cooperation

  3. Collaboration

  4. Creativity

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Schedule Appointment Here (click to open)

Schedule Appointment Here (click to open)

Appointments: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm M-F

through appointment schedule sheet above

Appointments: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm M-F

through appointment schedule sheet above

Questions: 7:30 am - 2: 45 pm M-F

M,W every other Thursday - Forest

T, every other Thursday - Goodview

I am so excited for the opportunity to meet you and to work with you and your family. We are taking on learning together in a new and exciting way! I look forward to learning about you and learning with you this year as we all embark on a journey in education!

We're off to great places!

Ms. Sarvey

Weekly Updates and Upcoming Events:

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Clever and Canvas

  1. Write down your child’s BCPS gmail address and password. The gmail address will follow this format:

2030 first initial middle initial full last name

( - this is embedded into the chromebook window)

All lower case, no space

Ex. Child’s name: John Robert Klein

Password: To determine your child’s password think of their assigned homeschool, If:

GES: first initial middle initial last initial student# all lower case no space (jrk8011234)

NLA: student#JF (8001456JF)

ORES: Think of where your child would go to high school

If JFHS: Student number jf (ex. 1234567jf)

If LHS: Student number lhs (ex. 1234567lhs)

FES: Student number jf (ex. 1234567jf)

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How to log into your chromebook and find a network

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