English 8 - 2020

The best way to contact me is through email: sconway@bedford.k12.va.us

About Mrs. Conway....

I have been teaching in Bedford County for 21 years and have been teaching 8th grade English at BMS/LMS for the last 6 years.

Two of my three children have already graduated from Liberty High School, and my youngest son is in 8th grade with you this year.

I am looking forward to the new challenges we will face together as we try to figure out our "new normal" in 2020 at Liberty High School!

About the class....

This is English class, and some things never change, no matter what format the course takes.

We will be reading and analyzing many selections this year from a variety of different genres. Some of the selections we will read are ones that I have been using to teach for years, and that my students have always enjoyed. Some will be brand new to all of us, and I look forward to seeing which ones you enjoy the most.

We will also be writing, a lot. We will be using writing to respond to literature and to express ourselves in a variety of formats. I'm looking forward to using some new applications to get you involved in writing that means something to you!

All work submissions will be completed through Canvas or an outside website this year (like IXL). We will NOT be turning in work through Google Classroom.