Physical Education

Stay Active at Home!

As you know, Bedford County Public Schools will be closed the remainder of the school year. While your child is at home, it is important physically and emotionally for your child to stay active! If you need some ideas, check out the activities listed below!

Alphabet Fitness Bingo

A great way to stay active while you are at home over the next few weeks is to complete the Alphabet Fitness Bingo Challenge from Keeping Kids in Motion.



Take advantage of springtime weather and enjoy the outdoors! Ride a bike, run or walk around your neighborhood, time how fast you can run around your house and try to beat your time. Work on dribbling basketball, practice your soccer skills, set up your own obstacle course with stuff you can jump over or run around.

Rainy Day Ideas

Play balloon volleyball, bowl down the hallway with a ball and empty water bottles, use a sock to make ball or a beanless bean bag using duct tape (see the video below) and play Toss 12. The Ricochet and the Pot and Pan Challenge below would be fun to try! All of the activities listed below are from Keeping Kids in Motion.

Share with me how you and your family are staying active at home! If you have any good game or activity ideas, email me and maybe I'll post them to the site for other FES families to try!