Mrs. Kendrick's Kindergarten Class


Pre-K and Elementary:

Suggested reading time: 20 minutes per day

Suggested writing time: 10-20 minutes depending on age and ability

Suggested math time: 20 minutes per day with a variety of activities

MATH: Kindergarten sent home second semester math books on Friday. Please feel free to write in these books and keep them at home. Your child has already completed some of the topics from the book in class and they were sent home as a packet.

READING: In your child's reading homework folder, you will find the next three weeks of SFA reading books. Please read the book and review the red and green words on the back of the front cover. Follow the directions on the gold ticket. Answer the questions on the back page of the book.

WRITING: Please write daily. Draw a picture and write 2 sentences about the picture. You can write about a pond or ocean animal.

You can keep a Daily Journal.

Dear Parents,

As you are aware, Governor Northam has closed all Virginia schools for 2 weeks in an attempt to contain COVID-19.

In your child’s backpack on Friday, the kindergarten unit sent home Volume 2 of the Math Program. Many of these units have been taught, however, the measurement unit and addition/subtraction units are included. Please assist your child in reviewing and understanding these units.

In addition to the Math Volume, Kindergarten also sent home the next 3 SFA reading books.


  • Week 1- Read The Mud Dog, review the green and red words on the back of the front cover, read and answer the questions on the back cover and answer the questions on the Read and Respond (yellow) sheet.
  • Week 2- Read Tubb the Cub and do the same activities as the previous week.
  • In the event of a 3rd week- Read The Fin in the Water and do the same activities as the previous weeks.

Unit- Our Units for the next 3 weeks are:

  1. Pond Life- animals that live in or near the pond. Life cycle of amphibians and reptiles.
  2. Ocean Life- fish and mammals that live in the ocean and shoreline, life cycle of fish, sea turtles and mammals. (whales)
  3. Water Cycle- the water cycle: precipitation-condensation-collection-evaporation

On YOUTUBE you will find numerous short videos and read aloud books to cover all of these units.

We will keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers as we navigate through this trying time.

Thank you for your help and support.

K Unit