Employment Exploration Extreme

5/26 As the we wind down our school year I wanted to share how proud I am of your progress and participation in our program. Each of you are amazing and I am blessed to have you in my class. Feel free to contact me throughout the summer and I will respond asap. Take care and be safe! I will be in touch as soon as I know when/how we will start the coming school year. If you are struggling with anxiety during this unusual time, please check out the Mindfulness and Wellness link above. I miss you guys, so please keep in touch.

5/7/2020 Check out the student page to find transition assessments that can guide a discussion with your parent about your goals as you transition to your adult life.

4/30/2020 2:00 pm - parent's please complete the this parent involvement survey to share your thoughts on Special Education in Bedford County.


I have so enjoyed speaking with each of you over the past two weeks as we complete our IEP meetings for the coming school year. Ideas of skills you can continue to practice at home include: interview skills, Workplace Readiness Skills, Money Skills.

Also, check out the local disability service list of Virginia resources from TTAC


Complete the following Tic Tac Toe Choiceboard. Have fun.


I am currently working on a choice board. Unfortunately I am struggling to get into Google Drive & Classroom and have had to drive to the school to sit in the parking lot to get enough internet to lookup new information. Check back next week and hopefully it will be completed. I believe you can still get into previous choice boards through classroom. Take care and be safe. Mrs. Sever's and I truly miss you!


Since this is such a unique time in the worlds history start a daily/weekly journal discussing how the COVID-19 epidemic is affecting you; positives and negative feelings are normal. Share what you are doing to stay busy and any new thing you have learned. I would suggest writing one thing you are grateful for each day to help you keep a positive attitude.


Suggestions to support our shared students while we are out. Students if you are at all able please continue to follow our daily 9 - 2 work schedule. get up at the reasonable time, eat breakfast, watch the news and discuss with your parent(s), take a break, work around the house both inside and out, have lunch, reading/math/driver's ed. At the end of your day complete a self evaluate about your work behaviors. Did you do a good job? Were you able to complete all the work you started? etc. Hopefully sticking to a regular schedule will help you fight off boredom and any anxiety you feel over what is happening in our world.


If you have any questions or concerns about IEP meetings or academic needs, please feel free to contact me by email and I will get back with you as soon as possible. I recently emailed each of you about how you would like to proceed with your upcoming IEP meetings; options are for teleconference or to proceed without meeting. Again, come back here for updates as I will share them as they come in. Please see the student page for websites your student can access for reading, math and driver's ed support.

Employment Exploration Extreme (EEE) is a regional program directed by Bedford County Public Schools. It is designed to promote positive work experiences in the community with classroom support. Individuals in this program, henceforth known as employees, will learn about and practice the soft skills necessary to attain and retain employment. The overall goal of the EEE is to create a comprehensive and cohesive training geared toward employability.