Mrs. Putt

Special Educaiton

Hi! I have been a Special Education teacher for over 30 years!!!!! I love it! It's where I am supposed to be.

I am married to my childhood sweetheart. We have 3 daughters and 2 beautiful, exhausting grandboys.

I promise to do the best I can with your precious children.

Please contact me with any concerns or questions.

This year I am supporting students in Mrs. Emilie West's class, and Mrs. Mary Beth Hunter's class.

Covid 19: During this stressful and trying time, please try to keep our students engaged in educational activities. Please have them read, read, read.

I am checking my email daily. If you need to get in touch with me, please reach out.

If you need help with the lessons sent by the classroom teacher please email me. I will look for ways to help modify the lesson for you.]

“Office Hours” – I am setting up “office hours” for: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm on Monday and Wednesday of each week. If you have questions about classroom assignments, reading lessons plan, or need any help with anything pertaining to school, please contact me at .

LESSON PLANS: April 6-10 - I have attached a weekly lesson plan for the small group work we were doing.

Kindergarten Reading Group :

First Grade Reading Group:

Kindergarten Girl Reading lesson:

First Grade Math Strategies:

From the Occupational Therapist: Fine Motor Home Activitie s for Students


- use a plain piece of paper folded into 4 sections

- draw a shape in each section with wide lines (A marker tilted to draw with the fat edge works well.) Separate the sections.

- circles, squares and triangles are the best shapes to use

- I prefer to sit behind students while they cut so I can guide their hands if needed.

- point out where to start cutting and tell student to "cut on the line"

- once at the end of the line, (or when starting to cut off of the circle), prompt student to "stop, pinch, turn" the paper to continue cutting. Provide assistance with hand position if needed.

- praise cutting efforts.


- encourage using a pinch between thumb, index & middle fingers. (Broken crayons may help with this.)

- encourage the pinky side of the hand to rest on the paper

- students may need help to reset fingers during task or when changing colors.


-provide a model to copy from, about 1 inch tall

-encourage student to copy the letters below

-praise efforts


- draw a shape with wide lines about 2 inches in size

- encourage student to color slowly, INSIDE the lines.

- point out white areas within the shape with the prompt "more color"

- praise efforts


- fold a piece of paper accordian style so that there are 6-8 long strips.

- the paper will stay folded while working to only allow 1 strip to be visible at a time. This helps control sizing and spacing on the paper.

- provide a model for the student to copy starting at the left edge of the paper. The sequence will be adult model, student copy, adult model, etc. across the paper for RIGHT handed students. ( For LEFT handed students, leave enough space at the left edge for a student shape, then draw the adult model. The sequence will be student copy, adult model, student copy across the paper. This allows the student to see the model they are copying without covering it with their hand while writing.)

- practice shapes in the following order: l, -, O, +, /, \, X, square, triangle. I usually practice each target shape 4-5 times and then move to the next shape.

- Letter writing can be practiced the same way

- I give stars or smiley faces for successful copies, but praise each attempt.

(Prepared by M.Tyree,OTR/L)