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Our Training Mission

The Bedford City School District, with the guidance of the Information Technology department, find it vital that our parents/guardians understand how their students use technology and the G Suite for Education platform in the classroom. This training website will help parents/guardians of students in our district become familiar with the platforms as well as provide best practices for flexible learning. With the uncertainty of what the modern classroom may look like moving forward, we feel it is essential that our parents/guardians have the opportunity to learn, train and become certified on the same technology that their students are using on a daily basis. There is no one-size-fit-all solution, but the Bedford City School District aims to give parents/guardians the information they need about the Google services and practices.

The goal of the BCSD Google Integrated Parent/Guardian Training Site is to provide all that work with BCSD students an opportunity to complete certification modules, learn skills, and become a BCSD Google Integrated Parent/Guardian.

Benefits of a Digital Classroom

What You Can Expect to Learn with our Training Modules

Tech Integration

  • 4 C's - Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking

Google Classroom

  • Enrolling in Google Classroom

  • Viewing Enrolled Classes

  • Stream, Classwork, People Tabs

  • To Do Lists

  • Calendar Integration


  • Compose/send email

  • Apply Visual Star Icons to Organize Relevant Messages

  • Search Gmail for Anything

Google Drive

  • Working with files: Creating, accessing and uploading

  • Sharing files

  • Creating and managing folders in Google Drive

Google Docs

  • Create a Google Document

  • How to collaborate using Google Docs

Google Slides

  • Create Google Slides

  • Insert and Arrange Text, Shapes, Lines, and Word Art

  • Format fonts and colors

  • Change background color of Slides

  • Collaborate inside a slideshow

  • Edit speaker notes

Google Sheets

  • Create a Google Sheet

Google Forms

  • Create a Google Form


  • Paint and Create Charts and Diagrams with Google Drawings

Google Sites

  • Create a Google Site

  • Create Pages within a Site

  • Add Text and Images to Your Site

Chrome Browser

  • Sign in to Chrome for syncing

  • Creating, Managing, Searching, and Editing Bookmarks

  • How to Search on Google

Hangouts Meet

  • Start a Video Hangout from Gmail or the Hangouts Meet site

  • Start a Video Hangout from Your Android or iOS Device, including dial in

  • How to invite others to a Video Hangout

  • Get People into the Hangout with Links and Calendar

  • Share Your Screen with Others during a Hangout

  • Using Google Hangouts for Online Meetings

  • Text chatting inside a video Hangout


  • Using Classlink at Home