Grade Level Reconfiguration

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will there be a full day program for 3 year olds? How and when can I apply to enroll my child?

We are currently examining our options and while we don’t think we will have a program for 3 year olds, we will explore extending the cut off for students turning 4 from August 1 to September 30. Applications will be available mid-April at Glendale, Central, Administration Center, and downloadable on the website.

Is this plan based on research about developmentally appropriate educational environments? Is the plan based on combining grades that are required to take an Ohio Standardized Test? Comment: I absolutely love that the BCSD elementaries have lower and upper schools.

This plan would better assist the district to ensure grade-bands are aligned to State Standards as well as support students that are retained due to the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. There are links in the PowerPoint Presentation relative to research on the developmental appropriateness of the redistricting grade alignment (brain development and SEL needs).

What is the cost per week if my child would attend preschool?

Full-day preschool tuition is $95 dollars per week, billed monthly. Assistance may be available based on income and the availability of grant slots. Part-time preschool is $20 dollars per week. Tuition may also be adjusted based on income.

What is the current structure for grade 4 vs. the new structure, a comparison chart would be great.

The structure for Grade 4 is not changing. Students will be placed on teams and will have specific teachers based on teacher qualifications. For example, your child may have a teacher that teaches Math and Science and then another teacher that will teach English Language Arts and Social Studies. Students will have music, technology, art, physical education and library on a weekly basis.

Personally I think the 6th graders should remain at Columbus. The kids that are 4th graders this year will only have one year at Columbus at this rate before going to middle school and I don't think they'll be ready, at least my kid won't. Middle school is where a lot of innocence and naivety is lost and I'm just not ready for that yet.

We will assist students with the transition at the beginning of the year and we are creating a middle school transition class for all students entering 6th grade. Our "school within a school" model allows for 6th grade students to be with their peers for all classes including specials and lunch. They will have their day similar to Carylwood and Columbus as they will transition with a teacher to restroom breaks, specials, other classes and lunch.

I am concerned about having 6th graders mixed in with 7/8 graders without proper preparation. Incoming 6th graders have not been in school for a year, then to quickly transition to a middle school learning model does not seem fair. Seems like the only concern is the preschool program. Let's be more concerned about children that are already in the district, and the huge adjustment we are getting used to with the pandemic. Let's halt the unnecessary push for the preschool program and changing of schools at least another year!

There will be a visitation day in the fall (prior to school opening) for parents and students… a "move in day" where students can see the school, visit their lockers, etc. We will assist students with the transition with a course as well, which all students will take at Heskett.

I'm concerned about my daughter going to Heskett for 6th grade because the schools have been closed due to covid and she has not experienced using a locker and going from classroom to classroom. I don't want her to be overwhelmed and scared to be with older kids.

There will be a visitation day in the fall (prior to school opening) for parents and students. This can also be referred to as a "move in day" where students can see the school, visit their lockers, etc. A transitional "course" will be taken by all Heskett students as well. Students will not move from class to class. The 6th grade will be a "school within a school" model. Students will have their four core classes with the same group of students and walk in the hallways assisted by their teachers. The 6th graders will be in a hall together. All 6th graders will eat lunch together. They will not eat with the 7th or 8th graders. There will be some transition times where they will encounter 7th and 8th graders, but it is minimal throughout the day.

Are both schools going to have gifted programs, which should and would be equitable.

We will continue to service students in their home buildings as we have for the past several years.

Will this change activities? Is Heskett the appropriate size for 3 grade levels?

More opportunities will be provided for 6th graders, such as exposure to a world cultures class, middle school transition, and a semester of a music class of their choice, in addition to other clubs. Yes, we have the capability to meet all of the needs of our students and staff. We have done the layout of the building and can safely and comfortably fit all three grade levels.

How will a student's 504 and other important information transition from 2nd grade school, counselor, and teacher to the 3rd grade school, counselor, and teacher?

Each year the principals and the counselors communicate with each other regarding 504 plans and other plans a student may have when transitioning between buildings. On a case by case basis, the principal and the counselor will schedule a meeting with parents/guardians to best address specific concerns regarding their child prior to the start of the following school year.

Will virtual learning still be utilized during the next school year? (I hope the experience is able to be replicated and computers and software utilized).

The district has learned many new things throughout the pandemic in relation to a digital learning environment. We will definitely try to incorporate instructional strategies that have been learned over the past year into future learning environments when appropriate. In addition, we will continue to discuss what various learning opportunities can be made available to support the need for multiple learning environments.

Will there be summer programs for catching up or keeping children on track, and if yes, then when does the child transition from 2nd grade to 3rd grade school?

A summer school program will be provided for grades K-12. Please stay tuned for more information in the upcoming weeks regarding summer school/programming opportunities. Retention is based upon the individual needs in relation to what is in the best interest of the student.