Where to Watch our Programs

Bloomington Educational Cable Television creates school-based and educational programming for the community.

  • Our programming is available on two cable channels, each of these on 2 different cable systems.
  • Both of these channels are also streamed to the web. BEC-TV LIVE STREAM -- BTV LIVE STREAM
  • Our most recent programming is available ON DEMAND to watch whenever you like.
  • Nearly all our programming is AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE
  • Streams of our channels are available on both Roku and Apple TV

Home page for our sister station, Bloomington TV

The Two Channels with our Programming:

Bloomington Educational Cable Television (BEC-TV) which is entirely filled with BEC-TV programming


Bloomington Television (BTV) , which also has programming from the City of Bloomington and Bloomington Community Access Television.

Occasionally there will be overflow or live programming on other channels as well.

Program Schedules for BEC-TV and BTV

On Demand Programming

You can now watch most of BEC-TV's programming ON DEMAND. Just head to our VIDEO ON DEMAND (VOD) site and search for the show you want.

Most of our current shows are there, and we're working our way backwards in time. We expect to have the last couple years' worth of programming available soon.

But hey, our archives go back all the way to the wacky 1970's. If you're looking for anything older than a few years, you'll still need to buy a DVD.

Also, we're prohibited from putting some programs on the web. You'll need to catch these when they play on the channel, or get yourself a DVD.

The search bar at the top will help you find the show you want. When you click on the thumbnail of the show you're looking for you'll get details on that show including upcoming air times, if any.

If the picture of the video has a play button in the middle, that show is available for VOD.

Live Stream of Channels

Whenever a program is running on cable, you can watch it on the internet:

BEC-TV Livestream

BTV Livestream


Along with being on our channel's Live Stream, much of our live programming is also carried on our FACEBOOK PAGE. Sometimes, like when we're producing multiple live shows at the same time, Facebook will be the only place to watch a program live. And while you can scroll around to replay old live programs from our Facebook, page, you'll usually find it much easier to search - as well as superior quality - on our Video On Demand site.

Roku and Apple TV

After installing the free Cablecast Streamweave you can view Live Streams of our channels on both Roku and Apple TV

Comcast Cable

On Comcast, our channels are available ONLY IN BLOOMINGTON

BEC-TV Standard Def: Ch 15,

BEC-TV High Def: Ch 799

BTV Standard Def: Ch 14

BTV High Def: 859

Additional Bloomington based channels on Comcast:

Bloomington Community Access TV (BCAT) -- Ch 16

City of Bloomington Government Info -- Ch 17 (Also Overflow programming for BTV and BEC-TV)

CenturyLink Cable

On the CenturyLink Prism Cable Service, our channels are available throughout the 7 county Twin Cities metro area.

You’ll find the “Bloomington Mosaic” (A grouping of all the Bloomington based channels) on Ch 24.

Within the Bloomington Mosaic you can access:

BTV -- Ch 8214 SD, 8714 HD

BEC-TV - Ch 8215 SD, 8715 HD

BCAT - Ch 8216 SD, 8716 HD

BTV2 - Ch 8217 SD, 8717 HD

B-LINK - Ch 8218 SD, 8718 HD

Local programming guide, community info

School Info3 Ch 8219 SD, 8719 HD

Bloomington Schools Info

School Info4 Ch 8220 SD, 8720 HD

Purchase DVD’s & BluRays

To purchase DVD’s of most our programming, head over here

Most recent programming is also available as a BluRay disk

Dish TV, Direct TV, and other satellite services

You can NOT get any of our channels (or any community cable channels anywhere) on satellite TV services.

Their salespeople will often say that you can. They are mistaken.

We would be tickled pink if they did carry local cable channels, but that is not likely to ever be true.