Yowsers! Our "classic" web site is unexpectedly down for the count!

During our transition to our spankin' new web site, we'll try to cover the basics for you here.

It ain't pretty, but better than smoke signals, right? More to Come!

Football Game Coverage

This season will be a history-making season for us! After 30+ years of covering our home football games, one of our student volunteers who has a passion for announcing and tv production will be covering as many of the AWAY football games as we can. Our goal is to cover all of them but we need permission from those schools before we go out there.

Tune into BEC-TV (channel 15) for HOME games, and BTV (channel 14) for AWAY games. Both will be streamed live on Facebook.

BEC-TV is Accepting New Student Volunteers

Are you a 7-12th grader interested in making awesome television? Find information about volunteering with us on the Tech Portal.

The BEC-TV Fall Kickoff for new and returning students and their parents is on Saturday, September 14.

You can now watch most of BEC-TV's programming ON DEMAND

Just head to our VIDEO ON DEMAND (VOD) site and search for the show you want.

Most of our current shows are there, and we're working our way backwards in time. We expect to have the last couple years' worth of programming available soon.

But hey, our archives go back all the way to the wacky 1970's. If you're looking for anything older than a few years, you'll still need to buy a DVD.

Also, we're prohibited from putting some programs on the web. You'll need to catch these when they play on the channel, or get yourself a DVD.

The search bar at the top of the VOD page will help you find the show you want. When you click on the thumbnail of the show you're looking for you'll get details on that show including upcoming air times, if any.

If the picture of the video has a play button in the middle, that show is available for VOD. Yippee!

About Us:

  • BEC-TV -Bloomington Educational Cable TV - has been serving the community of Bloomington MN since the mid '70s by creating and sharing school-based and educational programming.
  • We are constantly innovating to bring you more and more quality, locally produced programs and making them accessible in traditional and emerging delivery methods.
  • Our professional producers team with student volunteers to create award winning TV programming that can be seen on cable and on-line. DVD's of most our programs are also available
  • While we are a part of the Bloomington Public Schools, we are funded entirely by grants, donations, and revenue we generate ourselves.
  • Contact us:

-- 8900 Portland Ave S, Bloomington MN, 55420

-- Office/Studio: 952-681-5900 Fax: 952-681-5901

-- bec-tv@bectv.org

-- Facebook & Twitter