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About the estate

Bambito Estate Coffee has been in our family since the early 1900’s. Alberto Sittón Rios acquired the farm from his father in 1945 in the mountains of Bambito, Chiriqui Province, Panama. The farm in Bambito was Alberto’s passion as it was his way to continue a family tradition. Nowadays, Bambito continues to be a family business, now in its fourth and fifth generation.

Best of Panama Wins 2022

Bambito Kaizen - Washed Geisha

Points: 93.25

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that means "continuous improvement". This great coffee has a simple but wonderful body and brightness. It has a clean floral aroma with jasmine notes and a balanced acidity of lemon and mandarin. Also, this classic geisha has a nice present of fruity notes like peach and a delightful honey sweetness.

Niña Rafaela - Yellow Catuai

Points: 88.0

Tropical Heights - Red Bourbon Anaerobic

Points: 88.7

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